The Amer­i­can com­pa­ny LEVL from Seat­tle has devel­oped a com­pact gad­get called LEVL­home, which can quick­ly deter­mine how much fat the body burns.

The LEVL­home device is quite easy to use: it deter­mines the amount of fat by ana­lyz­ing the air a per­son exhales. The user breathes into a small cap­sule and inserts it into the dock­ing sta­tion. In just a few sec­onds, infor­ma­tion about the amount of fat burned appears on the screen of a smart­phone that is con­nect­ed to the gad­get wire­less­ly. Ready! The appli­ca­tion dis­plays the result in mass units.

The oper­at­ing prin­ci­ple of LEVL­home is based on mea­sur­ing the lev­el of ace­tone in exhaled air. The fact is that the car­bo­hy­drates con­sumed by the body break down into glu­cose, which gives us ener­gy. By receiv­ing few­er car­bo­hy­drates, the body is deprived of its main source of ener­gy and begins to burn chem­i­cals con­tained in fats. Dur­ing the break­down process, ace­tone is pro­duced, which is released dur­ing breath­ing.

Accord­ing­ly, the more ace­tone is con­tained in the exhaled air, the high­er the num­ber of calo­ries burned by the body. The gad­get is equipped with two inde­pen­dent semi­con­duc­tor detec­tors with dif­fer­ent sen­si­tiv­i­ty ranges, and the reli­a­bil­i­ty of the results was shown by clin­i­cal tests on vol­un­teers. LEVL­home is on sale now in Seat­tle for $699.

How­ev­er, once a month the device will require sen­sor replace­ment and cal­i­bra­tion, which will cost anoth­er $49. The device will soon be avail­able for order through­out Amer­i­ca.

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