Weight loss meth­ods can be rough­ly divid­ed into two cat­e­gories: those that are aimed at reduc­ing calo­ries con­sumed, and those that reduce or elim­i­nate cer­tain nutri­ents and foods. If you’re con­sid­er­ing cut­ting (and count­ing) calo­ries, we have some tips for you.

Cal­cu­lat­ing your meals by calo­ries every time is quite dif­fi­cult, but as you gain expe­ri­ence, you will already know which foods con­tain how much ener­gy, and you will devel­op new eat­ing habits.
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Don’t overestimate the number of “sports” calories

One of the main mis­takes begin­ners make, because of which the weight just doesn’t want to go away: “reward” your­self after an active work­out with a high-calo­rie or sweet treat. Indeed, the more active­ly you exer­cise, the more you can afford — main­ly due to the fact that exer­cise acti­vates your metab­o­lism. But most exer­cise does­n’t burn as many calo­ries as we think. Alas.

Not all calories are equal

Yes, one apple or one cook­ie con­tains 70 calo­ries, but the effects of these prod­ucts will be dif­fer­ent. When choos­ing what to snack on, eval­u­ate not only the calo­rie con­tent, but also, so to speak, the con­tent. Remem­ber that pro­tein fills you up faster, but sug­ar or light car­bo­hy­drates, on the con­trary, will soon make you look for some­thing else to snack on.

Calorie counting isn’t for everyone

Yes, this is not a uni­ver­sal method — for some, count­ing calo­ries can result in stress, ten­sion and addi­tion­al calo­ries. If you feel that track­ing and count­ing what you eat increas­es your anx­i­ety, it is bet­ter to try oth­er weight loss meth­ods.

Don’t trust activity trackers

Pedome­ters, fit­ness bracelets and oth­er gad­gets, in addi­tion to the num­ber of steps tak­en and the time devot­ed to sports exer­cis­es, show how many calo­ries you have burned. But a study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Per­son­al­ized Med­i­cine found that most of these track­ers and apps have sig­nif­i­cant inac­cu­ra­cies, rang­ing from 27 to 93 per­cent.

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