You are los­ing weight, but not from fat, but from mus­cle — this is how you can under­stand it.

If you lose weight cor­rect­ly, you will lose fat tis­sue first. But if you lose weight too quick­ly and intense­ly (you lose more than a kilo­gram per week), if you pre­fer diets that exclude any nutri­ents, you will lose mus­cle tis­sue instead of excess fat.

The eas­i­est way to lose mus­cle rather than fat is to start fast­ing. Also, you should not com­plete­ly exclude car­bo­hy­drates and fats, you should not give up sweets: glu­cose is the main source of ener­gy, and if it is in short sup­ply, the body will try to extract it from oth­er sources, includ­ing mus­cle tis­sue.

How do you know if los­ing weight is going wrong and you are los­ing mus­cle instead of fat? Here are some signs.

Body fat percentage does not change

If you are los­ing weight and your body fat remains the same, the answer is only one: you are los­ing weight due to mus­cle tis­sue. And this is very bad, because after stop­ping the diet, excess weight will return very quick­ly, but it is much more dif­fi­cult to restore lost mus­cle tis­sue.

You lose weight quickly

Do not rush to rejoice if weight loss is hap­pen­ing faster than you hoped: only slow weight loss will be tru­ly good and long-last­ing. If the process goes too quick­ly, this may also indi­cate that you are pay­ing for your slim­ness with your mus­cles. No more than a kilo­gram per week!

You are not making progress in your training

If you have been exer­cis­ing for a long time and there is no progress, this is a rea­son to thor­ough­ly exam­ine your body. Nor­mal­ly, we should con­stant­ly increase the load a lit­tle — and cope with it. If this does not hap­pen, it means that some­thing has gone wrong with the body: for exam­ple, there are few­er mus­cles, and with them, strength.

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