We have col­lect­ed advice from those who man­aged to lose 20 kilo­grams or more and not gain the weight again after some time.

1. Eating according to the “1:1:1” scheme

“I’ve lost 25 kilos and am stay­ing in shape thanks to the 1:1:1 rule, which refers to hav­ing a source of pro­tein, fat and car­bo­hy­drates in every meal and snack. This helps reduce the caloric intake of food with­out the feel­ing of hunger and restric­tions. For exam­ple, for break­fast you can eat por­ridge or fruit (car­bo­hy­drates), and when mak­ing a sal­ad, choose between avo­ca­dos and nuts (fats). And I can eat what­ev­er I want, with­out count­ing calo­ries and with­out giv­ing up my favorite dish­es,” Anna, 39 years old.

2. Cook for two days

“I couldn’t lose a few pounds until I start­ed cook­ing so that I had enough left­overs from din­ner for lunch. Then there is no desire to overeat,” Olga, 30 years old.

3. Drink water and other calorie-free drinks

“Three years ago I lost 30 kilo­grams and decid­ed to avoid emp­ty calo­ries: foods that have no nutri­tion­al val­ue, like cream cakes and sug­ary drinks. Water, tea, cof­fee are my choice,” Eveli­na, 28 years old.

4. Prepare breakfast in the evening

“I lost a lot of weight when I real­ized that I need­ed to eat break­fast and made it a habit. I cook it in the evening — either a whole dish, or I put what I will eat on the shelf in the refrig­er­a­tor. Then I have no oppor­tu­ni­ty to refuse it,” Alisa, 28 years old.

5. Go to restaurants differently

“Now I ask you to put the sal­ad sauce next to it, serve veg­eta­bles on the side instead of French fries, and take what you haven’t eat­en (a large por­tion) with you,” Mari­na, 31 years old.

6. Eat more than three times a day

“I real­ized that it is bet­ter to eat small por­tions and often. Then I stopped crav­ing fast food,” Ines­sa, 34 years old.

7. Stop making concessions

“Many diets allow you to eat what­ev­er you want once a week or two. I decid­ed that I wouldn’t do that, and it became much bet­ter,” Svet­lana, 29 years old.

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