Don Sal­adi­no, a per­son­al train­er from New York, helped Ryan Reynolds turn into Dead­pool, Hugh Jack­man become Wolver­ine, and he has worked with Scar­lett Johans­son (Black Wid­ow), Sebas­t­ian Stan (Win­ter Sol­dier) and David Har­bor (Hell­boy).

While Sal­adi­no’s social media and YouTube chan­nel are filled with tons of fit­ness trans­for­ma­tion ideas and tips, his lat­est video focus­es on the sim­plest tech­niques to help you slow­ly but sure­ly lose fat. What is impor­tant in our quar­an­tine times is that com­plex train­ing equip­ment is not need­ed to use them.

We need to walk

The first thing Don looks at is non-ath­let­ic activ­i­ty ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis (NEAT). This applies to any type of move­ment in your dai­ly life, from walk­ing to get cof­fee to doing house­work.

“Sim­ply put: steps. If you increase the num­ber of steps you take dai­ly, you will get a sim­ple, but extreme­ly effec­tive and low-impact way to burn calo­ries, espe­cial­ly if you pre­vi­ous­ly walked very lit­tle.” Here Sal­adi­no rec­om­mends aim­ing for 10 thou­sand steps or more.

Only primary products

Sec­ond, he sug­gests cut­ting out all processed foods for six and a half days a week.

“It may feel like you have lit­er­al­ly lost every­thing you love. And I don’t want you to be tor­ment­ed by this feel­ing. I think the main thing is mod­er­a­tion. More sta­bil­i­ty. There­fore, when you change your diet to a healthy one, some restric­tions are need­ed at the very begin­ning. You can’t have cheat meals every oth­er day, you need your body to get used to healthy foods… Save all your favorite treats for one meal. It’s not about eat­ing per­fect all the time, but stick­ing to a real­is­tic and sus­tain­able eat­ing plan.”

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Proteins are the basis

“I orga­nize the menu around pro­tein,” Sal­adi­no says. “Car­bo­hy­drates and fats, the sources of ener­gy, can be manip­u­lat­ed day to day, but pro­tein is the only con­stant. I think the guide­line for both men and women is 2.2 grams of pro­tein per kilo­gram of weight.”

More fluid

Hydra­tion is anoth­er very impor­tant fac­tor, and Sal­adi­no rec­om­mends drink­ing a liter of water for every 30 kilo­grams of weight. Thus, if you weigh 90 kilo­grams, then you need to blow three liters per day. “This will speed up your metab­o­lism, flush out var­i­ous wastes and help with flu­id reten­tion.”

But accord­ing to most nutri­tion­ists, it is bet­ter to focus on the feel­ing of thirst and include veg­eta­bles and fruits that con­tain a lot of water in your diet.

Those still los­ing weight often neglect such a crit­i­cal fac­tor as sleep qual­i­ty, says Sal­adi­no. “Our body repairs itself dur­ing sleep. We gain mus­cle mass while we sleep. Sleep is nec­es­sary to nor­mal­ize hor­mon­al lev­els. When you get enough sleep, your body becomes more effi­cient at every­thing, includ­ing burn­ing fat.”

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