Los­ing weight is not a short walk. It’s a long jour­ney.

Carter Good, a weight loss coach from Tam­pa (Flori­da, USA), walked this path per­son­al­ly, los­ing 65 kilo­grams of his own weight. And he talks about the lessons he learned from his jour­ney.

Lesson #1: How you lose weight matters more than how quickly you lose it.

Because no mat­ter how long it takes you to lose weight, you will spend much more time main­tain­ing a lean and healthy body. At least that should be your goal!

Lesson #2: If you only worry about the number on the scale, your struggle will last forever.

Your weight is just a num­ber. It does­n’t define you as a per­son.

Lesson #3: If you decide to make fitness a priority, you will have to make sacrifices.

You will have to be dis­ci­plined when oth­ers are not. You’ll often find your­self hav­ing to skip an extra beer or turn down late night par­ties. This does­n’t mean you can’t have fun. It sim­ply means that you must be care­ful and weigh the pros and cons of every deci­sion you make.

Lesson #4: Eating 500 calories of peanut butter is ridiculously easy.

It’s sad, but it’s a fact. Sim­ply weigh how many grams of but­ter are in one tea­spoon and then con­vert it into calo­ries. You will be sur­prised.

Lesson #5: The best foods for weight loss are those that you enjoy and help you stay consistent.

Eat whole foods that you enjoy. Include your favorite treats that you enjoy. Nev­er, ever regret your choice.

Lesson #6: The desire to overeat will not go away

You will sim­ply learn to pri­or­i­tize cor­rect­ly and be able to delay your grat­i­fi­ca­tion.

Lesson #7: Some People Will Say You’re Obsessed with Your Idea

Don’t let them get into your head or influ­ence your deci­sions. Your life is only your choice.

Lesson #8: These same people will later envy your “good genetics”

Help them. Tell us about your expe­ri­ence. Share your knowl­edge. Explain to them that they too can “improve their genet­ics.”

Lesson #9: It will take longer than you expect.

As with every­thing in this life that has mean­ing.

Lesson #10: But it will still be worth it

By mak­ing fit­ness a pri­or­i­ty, you’ll look bet­ter, feel bet­ter, and make the peo­ple around you bet­ter.

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