Before you go on a strict diet and lose 10 kg a month, look at what con­se­quences await you — and how to deal with them.

There is no need to rush things in pur­suit of slim­ness. It often hap­pens that weight lost in a short peri­od of time is gained even faster and, worse, in dou­ble vol­ume. Why is rapid weight loss dan­ger­ous?

The fact is that nutri­tion­ists con­sid­er it safe to lose only up to one kilo­gram per week. With­out fol­low­ing the rec­om­men­da­tions of spe­cial­ists, you can get sag­gy skin, reduced immu­ni­ty, bad mood and decreased mus­cle tone. Next we’ll talk in more detail about why you can’t lose weight quick­ly.

Companion to quick weight loss — bad mood

We expect imme­di­ate results from los­ing weight — an imme­di­ate improve­ment in well-being, excel­lent sta­mi­na and light­ness through­out the body. Alas, after one or two lost kilo­grams, you are unlike­ly to imme­di­ate­ly notice the dif­fer­ence. How can you not be upset! There­fore, one of the con­se­quences of rapid weight loss is con­sid­ered to be a bad mood.

What to do: Get good sleep and eat health­i­er. This will give you strength to cope with prob­lems. If the whole process of los­ing weight has become too intru­sive — you refuse to meet with friends to go to the gym, refuse food if you don’t know its com­po­si­tion and calo­rie con­tent, feel depressed and anx­ious if you don’t count calo­ries — seek help from a psy­chol­o­gist. The same should be done if signs of depres­sion appear: melan­choly, iso­la­tion from oth­ers, loss of inter­est in favorite activ­i­ties. Remem­ber that the harm of rapid weight loss lies not only in phys­i­cal signs.

If you lose weight quickly, your skin may sag in folds.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, get­ting rid of fat by itself does not cre­ate a sculpt­ed six-pack. If you’ve lost a lot of pounds, your skin will like­ly sag in folds. This is anoth­er pos­si­ble con­se­quence of los­ing weight quick­ly. The inten­si­ty of the appear­ance of wrin­kles depends on age, on the skin itself and on the speed at which you lose weight.

Fat deficiency is one of the consequences of rapid weight loss.  Thus, the exchange of fat-soluble vitamins A and E stops.  Because of this, the skin becomes dry, flabby and dull.  In addition, hair and nails begin to break.

What to do: In case of sig­nif­i­cant weight loss, the only way to get rid of skin folds is plas­tic surgery. But if there are small folds left, you can try to get rid of this con­se­quence of rapid weight loss and in a more gen­tle way — build mus­cle to smooth out the skin a lit­tle.

Decreased muscle tone

The harm of rapid weight loss lies in the inhi­bi­tion of meta­bol­ic process­es in the body. This is caused by a calo­rie deficit. In par­tic­u­lar, fat burn­ing slows down. Thus, the body craves not to waste every incom­ing calo­rie. There­fore, those who quick­ly lose weight often expe­ri­ence not only weight loss at one point, but also a slow­down in the syn­the­sis of new mus­cle fibers. Also, with rapid weight loss, mus­cles burn more active­ly than fat tis­sue.

What to do: This con­se­quence of rapid weight loss can be cor­rect­ed by exer­cise. Strength train­ing with light weights but a high num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions, exer­cis­es with fit­ness bands, as well as yoga and Pilates will help restore mus­cle tone. Reg­u­lar walk­ing will also help restore mus­cles, but you need to walk for at least two hours a day and reg­u­lar­ly.

Discomfort from abdominal pain during rapid weight loss

Some peo­ple who lose weight quick­ly devel­op gall­stones. If you sharply reduce the amount of fat con­sumed, the gall­blad­der does not func­tion as active­ly as before, bile stag­nates in it, which ulti­mate­ly leads to the for­ma­tion of stones. Here is anoth­er answer to the ques­tion why you can’t lose weight quick­ly.

Even with a reduction in food intake, gastric juice is produced in the same quantities.  So, it begins to corrode the walls of the stomach.  This can cause gastritis or even an ulcer.

What to do: To com­bat this con­se­quence of rapid weight loss, include fat in your dai­ly diet. This way the gall­blad­der will begin to func­tion nor­mal­ly. Many peo­ple con­sid­er fat to be harm­ful, but the bel­ly grows from calo­ries. Be sure to con­sult a doc­tor if you expe­ri­ence symp­toms of gall­stones: severe abdom­i­nal pain, nau­sea and fever.

Reduced immunity is a consequence of rapid weight loss

The desire to lose weight quick­ly can lead you to choose the wrong diet. This risks exclud­ing essen­tial nutri­ents from it. Their reduc­tion increas­es the body’s sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to infec­tious dis­eases. What else is dan­ger­ous about sud­den weight loss? Often, due to fol­low­ing unhealthy diets, a calo­rie deficit is acquired. It reduces the amount of vit­a­mins and min­er­als enter­ing the body.

What to do: Increase the con­sump­tion of pro­teins — the main mate­r­i­al for the con­struc­tion of cells. They will help you recov­er from the dam­age caused by rapid weight loss.

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