Is it pos­si­ble to do with­out diets? Yes, if you fol­low the prin­ci­ples of ratio­nal and rea­son­able nutri­tion.

We tell you how to eat to lose weight eas­i­ly and unno­tice­ably.
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Don’t jump on every new diet

They often give a vis­i­ble, but short-term effect: after fin­ish­ing the diet peri­od, many attack food with unprece­dent­ed ener­gy. Grad­u­al­ly devel­op­ing healthy habits is a slow­er but sur­er path to the desired fig­ure.

An invented diet is not for you

There are peo­ple who like to eat accord­ing to a pre-pre­pared diet or scrupu­lous­ly count calo­ries. If both of these things make you stressed, then it is bet­ter to choose oth­er tools to con­trol the incom­ing ener­gy. Oth­er­wise, you will not be able to adhere to strict bound­aries for long and will break down.

Protein is your friend

It is found not only in meat, but also in soy­beans, many veg­eta­bles, nuts and seeds. Digest­ing pro­tein foods takes 25 per­cent more ener­gy than pro­cess­ing car­bo­hy­drates. That is, the body will spend more ener­gy on fish fil­let than on pas­ta, this will pro­vide addi­tion­al, albeit not great, ben­e­fits dur­ing weight loss.

Be more relaxed about food

Mourn­ing a poor donut that isn’t on the list of approved foods won’t do you any good. Did you eat it? Great, let’s move on. The rea­son is sim­ple: the for­bid­den fruit is sweet. You turned down the donut, but came home and ate twice as much food with salt and sug­ar in retal­i­a­tion. Rough­ly speak­ing, we got more calo­ries and less joy than from this unfor­tu­nate bun. This doesn’t mean you have to grab and eat a whole tray of donuts or a box of choco­lates, but there’s no point in giv­ing them up, dri­ving your­self into stress.

Drink more water

Drink­ing water not only sat­u­rates the body with flu­id, but also helps reduce calo­rie intake. Thirst is also often con­fused with hunger, and if you made the right choice, you will feel bet­ter than after eat­ing a whole plate of food.

Think about physical activity

Every­one is run­ning around, but you can’t stand it? Sign up for a dance class, buy Nordic walk­ing poles, start going to the pool — any activ­i­ty is good! Even 10 min­utes of phys­i­cal activ­i­ty a day is ben­e­fi­cial!

Eat healthy fats

Do you know that if you want to lose weight, you should­n’t eat fat? Now, this is not true. Fats include sat­u­rat­ed and unsat­u­rat­ed fats, and you real­ly need the lat­ter. For exam­ple, you can eat avo­ca­do in dif­fer­ent forms every day.

Start cooking

Yes, yes, you will brush aside this advice, but progress will not be long in com­ing. On Sun­day, you can simul­ta­ne­ous­ly pre­pare reheat­able lunch­es for the entire work week. And it will be deli­cious fish and chick­en with an unusu­al healthy side dish, and not a may­on­naise sal­ad with may­on­naise pork in the din­ing room. In addi­tion, know­ing that you have lunch­es for sev­er­al days in advance, it is more dif­fi­cult to “slip” into devel­op­ing healthy eat­ing habits.

We’ve fig­ured out con­scious eat­ing, now catch a sim­ple scheme that helps you lose weight faster and not lose weight, and also find out why exer­cise does­n’t help you lose weight: per­haps you’re eat­ing at the wrong time.

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