Each of us knows that noto­ri­ous moment when, after a small piece of choco­late or a cou­ple of cook­ies, you want more and more.

There is noth­ing wrong with food in itself. Overeat­ing is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry. Too much of some­thing is often harm­ful, and this applies to food as well. And we’re not talk­ing about an extra cook­ie, but about real overeat­ing — when you eat until you feel dis­com­fort in your stom­ach due to over­crowd­ing and the feel­ing that you can’t eat any­more.

In fact, you don’t need such a full, painful bel­ly for your health and well-being, and you can often enjoy your food much more if you eat in mod­er­a­tion. In this arti­cle, we have col­lect­ed eight tips that will help with this.

8 simple tips against overeating

Use the fol­low­ing tips when plan­ning your lunch, din­ner, or snack and start eat­ing mind­ful­ly today.

  1. Ask your­self, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how hun­gry am I?” Then you will imme­di­ate­ly under­stand how much you want to eat in order to be full again.
  2. Chew slow­ly, take your time, and put your fork or spoon down after each bite—this will auto­mat­i­cal­ly make you more aware of the fla­vor. Eat­ing more slow­ly often results in small­er por­tions. Plus, you’ll enjoy your food so much more!
  3. Many peo­ple often overeat when they are actu­al­ly thirsty. Drink water reg­u­lar­ly and mon­i­tor your hydra­tion lev­els.
  4. Choose nutri­tious foods to tru­ly sat­is­fy your hunger. Don’t wor­ry, the occa­sion­al snack with no nutri­tion­al val­ue won’t hurt, but start with some­thing nutri­tious so you don’t have the ten­den­cy to stuff your­self with “emp­ty” snacks. Do you want choco­late? Pair a piece of choco­late with, for exam­ple, fruit, berries or a spoon­ful of peanut but­ter.
  5. Do you have a sud­den, unplanned desire to snack on your favorite del­i­ca­cy? Try to dis­tract your­self, take a walk in the fresh air or take a show­er. Most like­ly, the attack of hunger will pass as unno­ticed as it came.
  6. Use a small­er plate and fork if you feel like you might eat too much. It’s eas­i­er to refuse a sec­ond help­ing than to leave half the plate.
  7. Breathe. Take a moment after each bite to inhale and exhale. This will give your body the oppor­tu­ni­ty to bet­ter sense whether it is full or not.
  8. Just got a bag of chips or nuts from the store? When you get home, divide the bag into indi­vid­ual serv­ings. This will pre­vent you from get­ting rid of all the pack­ag­ing alone in one go.

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