Researchers from the British pub­li­ca­tion Good House­keep­ing test­ed whether suits that sup­pos­ed­ly speed up the fat burn­ing process work.

We pur­chased a spe­cial train­ing suit from Zag­go­ra Hotwear’s for $25 and went to explore it in all its prop­er ways.

Don’t self-med­icate! In our arti­cles, we col­lect the lat­est sci­en­tif­ic evi­dence and opin­ions from respect­ed health experts. But remem­ber: only a doc­tor can make a diag­no­sis and pre­scribe treat­ment.

So, this suit con­sists of a neo­prene top and neo­prene shorts. Accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er, dur­ing train­ing in such a “ther­mos” you burn more calo­ries, and your sub­cu­ta­neous fat melts before your eyes.

Test — Running in clothes for weight loss

We asked 10 female vol­un­teers to run for 30 min­utes on a tread­mill, first in reg­u­lar fit­ness track­suits and then in neo­prene cloth­ing. And we mea­sured the indi­ca­tors of these exper­i­ments.

What turned out to be

If the work­out is intense, then over­heat­ing does have an effect on calo­rie burn­ing. But it is so neg­li­gi­bly small that it can be attrib­uted to the error of the mea­sur­ing device. And the harm from over­heat­ing can be very sig­nif­i­cant for the entire body.

Run­ning in a neo­prene suit showed a dif­fer­ence of only 8 calo­ries per 30 min­utes of run­ning.

Eight. Pen­ny ones. Calo­ries. 4 dragees tick-tock.

Our vol­un­teers report­ed that they felt very uncom­fort­able and hot run­ning in neo­prene and were all sweaty. Weight loss after run­ning was actu­al­ly high­er in Zag­go­ra Hotwear. But this is loss of mois­ture, not fat. Once you drink water after your work­out, you will gain the weight back.

What about fat? To process 400 g of adi­pose tis­sue, you need to spend 3500 calo­ries. And in this case, the dif­fer­ence of 8 calo­ries is com­plete­ly insen­si­tive. And that’s 8 calo­ries for an intense work­out.

Is it worth explain­ing that wear­ing neo­prene in every­day life will give you noth­ing at all except sweat­ing and dis­com­fort?

The whole truth about neoprene fat burning suits

  • Fat burn­ing clothes are not only not worth the mon­ey, they are not even worth your atten­tion. And the ques­tion is not even whether to buy neo­prene cloth­ing or just wrap it in film.
  • No mat­ter how hot and sweaty you are dur­ing your work­out, the fat will not go away.
  • If warm­ing up the body affect­ed weight loss and removed excess fat from the sides, we would not see a sin­gle fat per­son among sauna lovers. Fat deposits go away when you main­tain a calo­rie deficit, and mus­cles have worked inten­sive­ly and require ener­gy to recov­er. And not when you heat­ed the fat. The prin­ci­ple of but­ter in a fry­ing pan does not work in our body

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