Hafthor Bjorn­son shared a train­ing video.

Hafþór Björn­son, best known for his role as The Moun­tain (Gre­go­ry Cle­gane) in Game of Thrones, con­tin­ues to amaze with his trans­for­ma­tion. The actor and ath­lete, once con­sid­ered the strongest man on the plan­et, decid­ed to change his occu­pa­tion in May 2020. To achieve this, Hafthor had to work hard.

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Now Bjorn­son shows his relief and claims that he weighs 144 kilo­grams — this is the min­i­mum val­ue on the scale in the career of the for­mer heavy­weight. With a height of two meters and five cen­time­ters, “The Moun­tain” looks like a lean ath­lete. Hafthor prac­tices car­dio train­ing, box­es, jumps rope and seems to be enjoy­ing his new role.

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Compete with the Vikings

One day, Hafthor Bjorn­son broke the mytho­log­i­cal record of the Viking Orm Storulff­son, which he set about a thou­sand years ago. Accord­ing to Ice­landic leg­end, the Viking took three steps with a log weigh­ing 650 kilo­grams on his back. After the third step, Orm’s spine broke, but Bjorn­son took five steps with the same log and remained alive and well.

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