In this sport, fat is delib­er­ate­ly gained in order to push an oppo­nent out of the ring.

Sumo fight­ers do not need sculpt­ed abs; for them, fat is the path to vic­to­ry. Sumo wrestlers delib­er­ate­ly gain extra pounds using a spe­cial high-calo­rie diet. And to get hun­gry, they eat only twice a day. This allows you to awak­en your appetite and eat a huge amount of high-calo­rie food, while exer­cis­ing a lot.

Two meals a day for sumo wrestlers for 20 thousand calories

  • break­fast is served an hour before the start of train­ing, and its calo­rie con­tent can reach 8000 cal;
  • din­ner is espe­cial­ly pow­er­ful, its calo­rie con­tent reach­es 12,000 cal;

This regime allows sumo wrestlers to gain weight of 150 kilo­grams and more. But at the begin­ning of his career, any ath­lete faces the prob­lem of a small stom­ach. To adapt it to strong stretch­ing and con­sume large por­tions, sumo wrestlers make sure to include a vari­ety of rice dish­es in their diet, grad­u­al­ly increas­ing the num­ber of por­tions.

Novice sumo wrestlers adhere to this prin­ci­ple for 1–2 months, until the ath­lete is able to con­sume up to 2–3 kilo­grams of food at a time. In addi­tion to rice, sumo wrestlers drink a lot of beer, which also increas­es weight. For ordi­nary peo­ple who want to lose weight, nutri­tion­ists do not rec­om­mend abus­ing this intox­i­cat­ing drink. Sumo wrestlers have a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent diet. Not only is beer very high in calo­ries, but it also increas­es appetite, which helps sumo wrestlers eat even more food.

In addi­tion, sumo wrestlers eat a spe­cial rich soup — chankon­abe. This dish does not have an exact recipe because it is usu­al­ly pre­pared from what the cook has. But it must con­tain chick­en broth, sev­er­al types of meat, sake and soy sauce. Cab­bage and onions are also added to the soup, and sumo wrestlers eat it with rice to con­sume even more calo­ries.

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