We fig­ured out how to lose weight unno­ticed by your­self, doing your usu­al chores around the house.

The main thing is not to quit.
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Eat bran (100 calories)

Just add two table­spoons of bran to your usu­al morn­ing por­ridge (and if it’s unusu­al for you, then it’s time to switch to an “Eng­lish” break­fast with oat­meal) — and you’ll get a great break­fast, full of healthy fiber and bran. And you’ll save at least 100 calo­ries on snacks, because you’ll be able to feel full until lunchtime. Every day.

Add an egg to your breakfast (200 calories)

Or some­thing equal­ly high in pro­tein, like a piece of moz­zarel­la cheese. The larg­er your break­fast, the less you will eat for lunch and espe­cial­ly in the inter­val between these two meals. Anoth­er 200, or even 250 calo­ries you haven’t gained!

A little exercise while you brush your teeth (10 calories)

Teeth should be brushed thor­ough­ly and for at least one and a half to two min­utes. To make the most of this time, try stand­ing on one leg at a time, chang­ing posi­tion every 30 sec­onds. Bal­anc­ing will help you wake up, get your brain work­ing, and also burn 10 calo­ries — a small thing, but it feels good!

Do lunges while your coffee brews (10 calories)

Anoth­er great morn­ing exer­cise for bal­ance and stretch­ing: while your cof­fee is prepar­ing, stand side­ways to the table, rest your hand on it, move your leg to the side and lift it as high as pos­si­ble. Then change legs. Do five to ten exer­cis­es for each leg — these sim­ple exer­cis­es will help tight­en your thigh mus­cles and quadri­ceps. And burn anoth­er 10 calo­ries!

Prepare the right snacks (175 calories)

We gain the most calo­ries from snack­ing and drink­ing tea with con­stant sweets. A hearty break­fast helps solve this issue for the first half of the day, but for an after­noon snack you should pre­pare some­thing healthy, tasty and fill­ing in advance: for exam­ple, nuts and dried fruits, or unsweet­ened yogurt with a cere­al bar, or some fresh fruit. And save about 175 calo­ries.

Replace drinks with water (300 calories)

Anoth­er calo­rie cham­pi­on is juices and sweet drinks. It is very impor­tant to quench your thirst in time (we often mis­take it for hunger and eat some­thing quick and high-calo­rie instead of drink­ing a glass of water) — and it is even more impor­tant to do this with the right drinks. And the most cor­rect one is water. Juices, drinks, even “sug­ar-free” ones are also a good option. Drink water and save 300 calo­ries every day.

Talk on the Phone Correctly (50 Calories)

Every time you need to talk to some­one on the phone, get up and go for a walk. At least along the office cor­ri­dor. We all spend too much time sit­ting and too lit­tle walk­ing. Fix that and burn 50 calo­ries a day.

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