Even a calo­rie deficit is not a rea­son to starve.

A calo­rie deficit is a fair­ly pop­u­lar, but not the eas­i­est way to lose weight. On such a diet, peo­ple often feel unhap­py, unsat­is­fied and hun­gry. How­ev­er, there are sev­er­al secrets that will help you avoid this, they were pub­lished by Times­Now.

How not to starve on a diet?

To avoid feel­ing con­stant­ly hun­gry while in a calo­rie deficit, try these life hacks:

Reduce calories, but eat more

Many experts believe that it is not food that makes a per­son feel full, but the amount of food eat­en. So put plen­ty of low-calo­rie foods on your plate, such as veg­eta­bles, nuts, seeds, and enjoy.

Don’t forget about drinks

This is anoth­er way to trick your stom­ach and brain into feel­ing full. The main thing is to choose the right drink, for exam­ple, unsweet­ened juices and water. There­fore, to get full faster, you can drink a glass of water before and after meals. And don’t for­get to start the day with it.

Start with a snack

A healthy, low-calo­rie snack can not only help sat­is­fy your hunger to some extent, but it can also cut down on the calo­ries in your main course. For exam­ple, you can snack on fruits, veg­eta­bles, or low-calo­rie foods.

Don’t forget about the alternative

If you are not ready to give up many high-calo­rie but tasty foods, try to find an alter­na­tive to them. This can almost always be done.

Choose filling foods

If you’re cut­ting calo­ries, make sure the foods you keep in your diet are nutri­tious. For exam­ple, spinach, beans, and chick­peas nour­ish the body well.

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