The man diet­ed for 2 years to no avail until he under­stood one impor­tant prin­ci­ple of nutri­tion.

When strict diets, marathons and oth­er restric­tions do not pro­duce results, it’s time to turn to non-stan­dard meth­ods. Russ­ian blog­ger Kor­ney shared his weight loss sto­ry: the man tried all the pop­u­lar meth­ods, but as a result he came up with his own for­mu­la for suc­cess in the long (!) term.

Why do we quit diets?

The blog­ger believes that peo­ple sim­ply become taste­less — and there are no uni­ver­sal recipes for how to com­bine busi­ness with plea­sure. As an exam­ple, a man cites the diet of his young son: “My son eats baby food with plea­sure. For him, this is the most deli­cious thing there is! He will refuse a meat cut­let, but will glad­ly eat taste­less meat pate from a jar. Time will pass and he will nat­u­ral­ly love com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent prod­ucts and hate this pate,” writes the blog­ger.

Con­clu­sion: every­one per­ceives the con­cept of “tasty” dif­fer­ent­ly. A per­son eval­u­ates taste by com­par­ing it only with the food to which he is accus­tomed.

Main principle

“Don’t remind your brain of what “junk” food is, stuffed with enhancers and flavorings.”

Based on this rule, we get plea­sure from food thanks to our brain. It turns out that you can rebuild your tastes with­out strict refusals and restric­tions through­out your life. Replace­ments can be found not only in the gro­cery store: food should not become the main source of plea­sure. You can look for it in oth­er activ­i­ties: sex, sports, music, trav­el.

Don’t for­get that switch­ing to healthy foods is only half the bat­tle. If you con­sume more calo­ries than before, the weight will not go away. You can prac­tice inter­mit­tent fast­ing, keto diets and oth­er trendy weight loss meth­ods, but the guar­an­teed results in the long run will only show them­selves in a calo­rie deficit.

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