As you age, you need to put in more and more effort to stay in shape.

Fat will go away if you fol­low a few rules.

3 main principles of losing weight

  • Nutri­tion
  • Well-con­struct­ed train­ing process
  • Lifestyle change


1. No mat­ter what diet you choose, you will still have to cut calo­ries. The best way is to reduce por­tions and add more pro­tein, fiber and com­plex car­bo­hy­drates to your diet. This will help the body cope with hunger stress in the first stages of los­ing weight.

2. In no case should you com­plete­ly exclude car­bo­hy­drates from your diet — it is bet­ter to com­pen­sate for them with pro­tein.

3. Elim­i­nate alco­hol;

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4. It is more effec­tive to exer­cise 4 times a week than every day;

5. Work­outs aimed at los­ing weight can con­sist of body­weight exer­cis­es and equip­ment. You don’t have to lift iron all the time;

6. It is more impor­tant to choose a split train­ing scheme. This approach will allow you to work all your mus­cles over the course of a week, giv­ing them the nec­es­sary time to recov­er.

7. Use the HIIT method — high-inten­si­ty train­ing. This approach has an unde­ni­able advan­tage: in high-inten­si­ty train­ing there is an after­burn effect or EPOC. The body con­tin­ues to burn fat even after the work­out ends.

Life style

8. You should not neglect sleep: lack of sleep in men increas­es the hunger hor­mone ghre­lin. As a result, you find it hard­er to con­trol your­self. So you are unlike­ly to be able to main­tain a diet and fol­low a train­ing pro­gram.

9. Find ways to relieve stress: Cor­ti­sol, the stress hor­mone, is linked to weight gain.

10. Check your testos­terone lev­els: a lack of testos­terone can slow down the process of gain­ing mus­cle mass nec­es­sary for effec­tive weight loss.

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