The chal­lenge last­ed three days and end­ed con­tro­ver­sial­ly.

Cucum­ber is a tasty and healthy veg­etable that is often includ­ed in the menu of var­i­ous diets. Cucum­bers con­tain a lot of water: it removes harm­ful tox­ins, excess salt and waste from the body, and cleans­es the kid­neys well. The cucum­ber diet seems to cre­ate a calo­rie deficit and help you lose weight quick­ly.

Blog­ger Mikhail Polyakov decid­ed to exper­i­ment and eat noth­ing but cucum­bers for three days. At the same time, the blog­ger also refused water, because the cucum­bers them­selves con­tain it. Mikhail want­ed to check how dif­fi­cult it would be to main­tain such a diet — and what would hap­pen to his body after the chal­lenge.

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Progress of the experiment

Before the chal­lenge began, Mikhail weighed him­self to see if he could lose weight in three days. The blog­ger’s weight was 72.7 kilo­grams.

  • The blog­ger start­ed the first day by eat­ing a cucum­ber instead of a glass of water. He spent the whole day at home and moved lit­tle, so he ate only four cucum­bers. The man felt well, did not feel hun­gry and did not want to drink.
  • On the sec­ond day, Mikhail had to leave the house, so he took two cucum­bers for the road. On this day, the blog­ger moved a lot and spent more ener­gy. This made him feel hun­gry and thirsty. Dur­ing the day, Mikhail ate 6 cucum­bers, and in the evening he not­ed that he was more tired.


  • On the morn­ing of the third day, the blog­ger felt well, but slept longer than usu­al. On the last day, Mikhail ate six cucum­bers. At the end of the exper­i­ment, he admit­ted that he felt very tired.

We can say that the chal­lenge was suc­cess­ful: the blogger’s weight dropped to 70.5 kilo­grams — in three days he man­aged to lose 2.2 kilo­grams (how­ev­er, they can return after the first meals).

How­ev­er, repeat­ing the exper­i­ment is not rec­om­mend­ed, because cucum­bers alone are not enough to keep our body healthy. This may be a fast­ing day, but not a full-fledged diet, because already on the third day the blog­ger not­ed how bad he felt.

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