We tell you how to achieve weight loss with­out chang­ing almost any­thing in your diet.

We’ve writ­ten repeat­ed­ly about the impor­tance of calo­ries and macronu­tri­ents, and how to make the right food and diet choic­es. All this is very impor­tant, but most peo­ple find it quite dif­fi­cult to fol­low a healthy lifestyle. Why? It’s a mat­ter of habits and com­fort zone.

In this arti­cle we will talk about one sim­ple prod­uct that is stop­ping you from los­ing weight. It does­n’t take much effort to give it up. What is it about? About soda! Try elim­i­nat­ing reg­u­lar soda from your diet entire­ly, or switch to diet soda instead. Yes, this change alone will be enough for many to start los­ing weight.

Is there any benefit to soda?

First, let’s look at what exact­ly you get when you drink just one can of reg­u­lar soda. In fact, car­bon­at­ed drinks are com­posed almost entire­ly of sug­ar. There­fore, apart from it, your body does not receive any­thing use­ful. One can of cola con­tains 140 calo­ries and 36 grams of pure sug­ar. This is an exces­sive amount even for those who get their sug­ar exclu­sive­ly from soda.

And it seems: what’s so scary about that? Sug­ar is an essen­tial prod­uct. Every­thing tastes bet­ter with it. Is he real­ly that dan­ger­ous? Even stronger than you think!

Harm of sweet carbonated drinks to the body

Regular consumption of soda is known to increase weight.  But few people think about the dangers of carbonated drinks for health in general.

Soda is a bad choice when los­ing weight, gain­ing weight, or sim­ply to main­tain your health. The main risk fac­tor is a huge amount of sug­ar. What does its excess lead to?

  • To prob­lems with teeth;
  • To the leach­ing of B vit­a­mins from the body;
  • To obe­si­ty;
  • At risk of devel­op­ing dia­betes.

The most dan­ger­ous of these, of course, is obe­si­ty, since it is the eas­i­est to get. I drank a liter of cola and gained an addi­tion­al 420 calo­ries. Con­sid­er­ing that the dai­ly calo­rie intake per day for a man fluc­tu­ates around two thou­sand, after drink­ing just one bot­tle of cola, we will close it by ⅕. More­over, we are unlike­ly to ben­e­fit from this.

Is it possible to drink sugar-free soda while losing weight?

After cal­cu­lat­ing the calo­ries, it becomes clear why you should­n’t drink soda while los­ing weight, but what about sug­ar-free drinks? The label of the next diet soda proud­ly states that it con­tains no calo­ries, which means it can­not lead to obe­si­ty. Is it so? Yes and no.

Sug­ar-free soda won’t actu­al­ly give you extra calo­ries direct­ly when los­ing weight. Drink the drink, get 0 calo­ries, move on with your life hap­pi­ly. But there is a nuance.

Our pan­creas is accus­tomed to the fact that sweets are ener­gy. Fast car­bo­hy­drates con­tain calo­ries, so when soda with­out calo­ries enters our body, insulin pro­duc­tion still begins, and blood sug­ar begins to fall.

But no car­bo­hy­drates! The body is deceived, and you feel extreme hunger. And it’s not so easy to sur­vive with­out some­thing sweet. The result is the same: fail­ure, extra calo­ries, extra pounds.

Do you think this is the only answer to why you can’t drink soda when los­ing weight? In fact, there is anoth­er rea­son: gas­es. They great­ly irri­tate the gas­tric mucosa, which caus­es active pro­duc­tion of gas­tric juice. And if there is juice, then there must be food that needs to be digest­ed.

Your body feels hun­gry again, and you are fight­ing the fran­tic desire to orga­nize anoth­er cheat meal. You def­i­nite­ly won’t be able to lose those extra pounds this way.

How can you replace soda when losing weight?

“If you crit­i­cize, sug­gest.” We already know whether you can drink soda while los­ing weight (you can’t). Next, you need to answer for your­self: what can and should you drink in order to spend calo­ries effec­tive­ly.

Carbonated water does not help you lose weight, but you can replace it with really healthy drinks

Let’s be real: water is a bad alter­na­tive for cola fans. And we can talk as much as we want about how good it is for health, you will still be inter­est­ed in what kind of soda you can drink while los­ing weight, or what is an equal­ly tasty sub­sti­tute for car­bon­at­ed drinks.

So, our small top:

  • Water with lemon. For those who are too sour, a life hack: 1–2 tea­spoons of sug­ar per 0.5 of the drink will make it much tasti­er, but will not sig­nif­i­cant­ly affect the calo­rie con­tent;
  • Sea buck­thorn tea. Tasty, rich in vit­a­mins and not at all as sug­ary as soda;
  • Morse. Prefer­ably made with your own hands and with a min­i­mum amount of sug­ar.

You can also drink milk­shakes. But it’s bet­ter to cre­ate them your­self: milk, berries, cot­tage cheese. It’s nutri­tious, deli­cious, and has almost as many calo­ries as cola. But there is a dif­fer­ence: 180 grams of cot­tage cheese (stan­dard pack) con­tains about 185 calo­ries, 500 grams of milk con­tains about 300 calo­ries. Berries are anoth­er 50–100 calo­ries. But by eat­ing this, you will fight off the feel­ing of hunger for a long time. You will also get a tasty and healthy drink.

So, you know how to replace soda when los­ing weight, but there are sit­u­a­tions when no replace­ment helps. I want this harm­ful sweet water. What to do? It’s sim­ple: drink soda. But with sev­er­al con­di­tions:

  • buy the min­i­mum amount of drink;
  • opt for diet soda;
  • Don’t drink any­thing oth­er than soda.

And remem­ber: the body’s acute desire for fast car­bo­hy­drates is often due to the fact that you have too much of a calo­rie deficit. As a rule, a 300–400 calo­rie deficit and mod­er­ate phys­i­cal activ­i­ty are enough to lose weight quick­ly and effi­cient­ly. There­fore, you should not go on strict diets and push your­self into lim­its. And you cer­tain­ly shouldn’t tor­ment your­self with the ques­tion of whether you can drink sweet soda while los­ing weight. If you real­ly want to, then you can, but very rarely and with com­plete con­trol of your­self.

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