Are you afraid of the bar­bell because you think you’ll get as big as Khal Dro­go? Our expert Iri­na Rotach debunks the most pop­u­lar myths about wom­en’s strength train­ing. We’ll tell you what you def­i­nite­ly should­n’t believe.

In the late eight­ies of the last cen­tu­ry, the beau­ti­ful half of ama­teur ath­letes and ordi­nary girls who sought to lose weight through fit­ness were fright­ened by pho­tographs of cham­pi­ons of the wom­en’s open cat­e­go­ry of body­build­ing who abused steroids. It was con­sid­ered a gen­er­al rule to point out to every girl who picked up dumb­bells that if she didn’t come to her sens­es and give it up, then in a month she would pump up and turn into a mas­cu­line body­builder with a rough voice and a mus­tache.

How many girls have you seen in the gyms who do not use ille­gal drugs and resem­ble men?

Let’s look at the main myths about wom­en’s train­ing in the gym:

  • A woman should not exer­cise with iron, oth­er­wise she will quick­ly unset­tle and become mas­cu­line.

Those who have tried to lift weights know that every­thing is not so sim­ple. And you still have to fight for every 100 grams of mus­cle: beau­ti­ful pro­por­tions come with reg­u­lar work. Don’t be afraid of the bar­bell! Even if you were born a man, this does not negate the huge way in which the mus­cu­lar hyper­tro­phy of your body becomes notice­able to oth­ers.

  • To build a beau­ti­ful body, spe­cial wom­en’s train­ing is more effec­tive — danc­ing, Pilates, yoga, water aer­o­bics.

The load lev­el in such class­es is usu­al­ly quite low so that every­one who comes can cope. In addi­tion, they cer­tain­ly will not give rise to mus­cle mass, which means they can only be used as exer­cise, and not for build­ing shape.

  • Increased mus­cle mass will change your hor­mon­al lev­els. A mus­tache will grow and the voice will become rough.

Unless you start tak­ing ille­gal drugs, this def­i­nite­ly can­not hap­pen. Rather, on the con­trary, reg­u­lar train­ing will strength­en the body and make hor­mon­al lev­els more even and less sus­cep­ti­ble to fluc­tu­a­tions.

  • Strength train­ing makes women big.

In order to have mus­cles under the skin and not fat, it is nec­es­sary to count calo­ries, con­trol nutri­tion, macro and micronu­tri­ents. Train­ing and recov­ery after it help mus­cles grow. And it depends only on nutri­tion whether you will ensure mus­cle growth, fat burn­ing or, con­verse­ly, an increase in body fat. Coor­di­nat­ed work on your food diary, sleep and the amount of hard work in the gym allows you to build an ide­al shape.

Girls! Strength train­ing with weights will not make you mas­cu­line. Train­ing with a bar­bell, dumb­bells and in sim­u­la­tors is the direct and short­est way to sculpt exact­ly the body you want for your­self.

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