The surest way to lose weight is to con­stant­ly main­tain a small calo­rie deficit. Of course, the most impres­sive results can be achieved through sports and prop­er nutri­tion. But we have some tips on how you can improve your dai­ly results a lit­tle more and quick­ly neu­tral­ize the con­se­quences of your next snack.


One work­out in the gym can eas­i­ly be replaced by reg­u­lar clean­ing: dust­ing, vac­u­um­ing, and mop­ping will ulti­mate­ly cost you at least 200 calo­ries.


The most enjoy­able way to lose extra pounds is danc­ing. Just one par­ty with friends a week and you can burn 200 to 500 calo­ries! And the plea­sure and emo­tions are absolute­ly end­less!


Anoth­er chore that actu­al­ly helps us stay fit. A 45-minute shop­ping “costs” us 100 calo­ries. If at the same time you inten­sive­ly try on new clothes, then you can safe­ly write off anoth­er 50 from your “account”.


No, we are not talk­ing about a mod­el­ing or anti-cel­lulite mas­sage! That sim­ple evening mas­sage that you can give to your loved one in the evening will cost you 200 calo­ries! Both pleas­ant and use­ful.


Anoth­er way to com­bine busi­ness with plea­sure is to spend an evening at karaoke. More­over, the more fun the ordered songs are, the bet­ter: after all, an hour of singing helps burn 140 calo­ries, and every twen­ty min­utes of laugh­ter — anoth­er 70.

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