Peo­ple often try to appear dif­fer­ent from who they real­ly are, espe­cial­ly online. The blog­ger clear­ly demon­strat­ed this.

Fit­ness mod­el and body­builder Joss Mooney knows exact­ly how to present her­self and her body online. The man decid­ed to share two pho­tographs that clear­ly show the dif­fer­ence between real­i­ty and the image on the Inter­net.

Before and after

“These pic­tures were tak­en with­in a sec­ond of each oth­er. “I mean, most of the day I look like you see me in the pho­to on the left,” Mooney admit­ted. At the same time, the fit­ness mod­el did not use any fil­ters — if he exhales, tens­es his mus­cles and gets into the right pose, he will real­ly get abs like in the pic­ture on the right.

From personal social networks

“Please don’t com­pare your­self to peo­ple on social media because your life is your per­son­al jour­ney. No one spends all day in the gym, and no one walks around with stone blocks all the time,” Mooney not­ed.

But I want abs! The cov­et­ed relief can be achieved in a short peri­od of time: for exam­ple, blog­gers the Win­kler broth­ers con­duct­ed a 30-day chal­lenge to pump up the abs. The results were amaz­ing: if at the begin­ning of the jour­ney the guys didn’t even have a hint of abs, then by the end of the tests the blog­gers could boast of their incred­i­ble trans­for­ma­tion. The broth­ers per­formed 100 sit-ups every day — this is a basic exer­cise for pump­ing up mus­cles, but it can­not be called the most effec­tive.

Can you get rid of belly fat by doing abdominal exercises?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you are unlike­ly to be able to lose weight “spot”: a per­son los­es weight with his whole body. How­ev­er, the good news is that by doing abdom­i­nal exer­cis­es, you burn calo­ries and, accord­ing­ly, grad­u­al­ly lose those extra pounds.

Click and watch

If you still want to pump up your abs, then catch 4 effective exercises for the abs, and also find out which exercises for the abs work and which don’t.

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