An ath­lete from Belarus eats incred­i­ble por­tions to fuel his mus­cles.

Ilya Golem is a body­builder from Belarus who has become famous online for his incred­i­ble phys­i­cal shape. The man weighs about 170 kilo­grams and is 185 cen­time­ters tall. It’s hard to believe, but at school the ath­lete didn’t boast about his size: he weighed 70 kilo­grams, couldn’t do push-ups well, and couldn’t do a sin­gle pull-up. But then I start­ed going to the gym, where I achieved incred­i­ble vol­umes.

Now Ilya looks like a pro­fes­sion­al body­builder, although he does not par­tic­i­pate in com­pe­ti­tions. His impres­sive form allows him to earn mon­ey even with­out tour­na­ments: he adver­tis­es sports nutri­tion and pro­motes his busi­ness projects. The man lived in the Czech Repub­lic for 12 years, after which he moved to the USA, and now he has set­tled in Dubai, which he is very pleased with.

In order not to lose shape, Golem eats a lot — every day he con­sumes about 10 thou­sand kcal. His dai­ly diet includes 2.5 kilo­grams of meat (that’s about 3 large steaks); the man also loves rice, olives and a vari­ety of sports nutri­tion. An ath­lete drinks about 6–7 liters of water per day, because a huge body requires a large amount of flu­id.

And one day Golem exper­i­ment­ed on him­self and ate as much as 16.5 thou­sand kcal in a day. Let us remind you that an ordi­nary man should con­sume 2.5–3 thou­sand calo­ries per day. Thus, Ilya exceed­ed the norm of the aver­age man by almost 6 times.

Diet of a muscleman from Belarus for 16.5 thousand kcal

  • First meal. A huge por­tion of oat­meal;
  • Sec­ond meal. 3 large plates of sushi (108 pcs);
  • Third meal. 1.3 kilo­grams of meat;
  • Fourth meal. 600 grams of rice with olives;
  • Fifth meal. 300 grams of spaghet­ti with sal­sa sauce;
  • Sixth meal. 1.3 kilo­grams of meat and a side dish of rice;
  • Sev­enth meal. 5 large pan­cakes;

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