Eat less with­out starv­ing: we’ve got five foods that will help keep your appetite under con­trol.

How to main­tain a healthy diet if you always want some­thing tasty? Try these few proven ways to reduce your appetite: they are com­plete­ly safe and very effec­tive.
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Hot peppers

Spicy foods are a nat­ur­al appetite sup­pres­sant. Cap­saicin, which is high in hot pep­pers, helps reduce your need for food and you will end up eat­ing less at lunch.

Fresh mint

You don’t even have to eat mint – just the fla­vor is enough. Par­tic­i­pants in one study inhaled the scent of fresh mint every two hours for five min­utes over five days. As a result, they con­sumed 1,800 few­er calo­ries over the course of a week and report­ed a sig­nif­i­cant decrease in hunger.

So if you want to nat­u­ral­ly and qui­et­ly reduce your dai­ly calo­rie intake, sim­ply sniff mint before eat­ing.

Chia seeds

Like any foods rich in fiber, chia seeds help us feel full faster and dull the feel­ing of hunger. Once in the stom­ach, they increase in size 10 times and quick­ly fill the vol­ume, mak­ing us feel full. Add chia to yogurt or oat­meal, or even pan­cake bat­ter, and lose weight.


Pectin, sol­u­ble fiber and water — all these ben­e­fi­cial sub­stances, which are abun­dant in apples, help us feel full faster and feel less hun­gry. So the old rule: eat an apple if you’re hun­gry real­ly works.


Anoth­er sim­ple rule: before each meal, drink a glass of water — and be sure to take slow sips.

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