We’ve col­lect­ed 10 weight loss mis­takes that are pre­vent­ing you from los­ing weight quick­ly and effec­tive­ly. Check if you are allow­ing them?

Not every­one suc­ceeds in los­ing weight. Some peo­ple have health prob­lems that pre­vent them from los­ing weight, some don’t con­sid­er excess weight a prob­lem, so they don’t strive to lose weight, and some sim­ply don’t have the moti­va­tion to go on a diet or go to the gym.

But there is anoth­er cat­e­go­ry of peo­ple: those who make a num­ber of mis­takes when los­ing weight. Because of this, weight does not decrease, but health goes away. There­fore, we have col­lect­ed the main mis­takes when los­ing weight, so that you def­i­nite­ly do every­thing right if you decide to lose weight.

Who usually fails to lose weight

But before you sort out the mis­takes that neg­a­tive­ly affect the process of los­ing weight, you need to decide who even has prob­lems los­ing weight? There are sev­er­al cat­e­gories of peo­ple.

The first is peo­ple with dis­eases. A per­son may have dis­tur­bances in the gas­troin­testi­nal tract, hor­mon­al imbal­ances and oth­er prob­lems that inter­fere with effec­tive weight loss. Let’s not dis­count those who are banned from exer­cis­ing: it is also more dif­fi­cult for them to lose weight.

The sec­ond cat­e­go­ry is peo­ple who expect quick results. One of the mis­takes when los­ing weight is the desire to quick­ly get results. For this rea­son, peo­ple go on strict diets and kill them­selves in the gym. The weight goes away, but if you loosen your grip a lit­tle, it comes back with inter­est.

The third cat­e­go­ry is peo­ple who quick­ly give up on any attempts to lose weight. They often break down, don’t go to the gym, and have reg­u­lar cheat meals. You won’t lose kilos with this approach.

How­ev­er, only the first cat­e­go­ry faces real­ly seri­ous dif­fi­cul­ties in los­ing weight. For the rest, it is enough to just wait a few weeks until the new lifestyle becomes a habit, and also avoid mak­ing typ­i­cal mis­takes when los­ing weight at home, in the gym and any­where else.

10 mistakes when losing weight

Los­ing weight is a calo­rie deficit. It can be achieved through sports, dietary restric­tions or oth­er means. And since human­i­ty has not yet come up with oth­er options for los­ing weight (lipo­suc­tion does not count), we will con­sid­er the main mis­takes when los­ing weight on a calo­rie deficit.

The diet is too strict

One of the mistakes of losing weight is too strict restrictions.

Many diets promise quick weight loss, but some­times the oppo­site hap­pens. In this case, you need to pay atten­tion to the mis­takes, which Emma Laing, direc­tor of nutri­tion at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Geor­gia, detailed in an inter­view with Express.

Diets that are too strict tend to exclude many impor­tant foods from the diet. How­ev­er, a per­son, accord­ing to the nutri­tion­ist, can­not always eat on a lim­it­ed basis, so when the diet ends, he will prob­a­bly break down and begin to overeat. In addi­tion, due to an incor­rect­ly designed nutri­tion plan, a per­son may feel con­stant lethar­gy and lack of ener­gy.

Diet too fast

Short-term diets, accord­ing to Geor­gia Emma Laing, also in very rare cas­es bring last­ing results. Of course, they help you lose weight quick­ly, but then it comes back just as quick­ly. To avoid putting too much stress on your body, it’s best to choose a “sus­tain­able diet where you can afford to eat dessert,” she added.

Nutrient restriction

By elim­i­nat­ing cer­tain foods from the diet, a per­son auto­mat­i­cal­ly elim­i­nates many nutri­ents nec­es­sary to main­tain health. For exam­ple, often when diet­ing you have to give up whole grains, which the body uses as fuel.

There­fore, you should take a seri­ous approach to choos­ing a diet and plan­ning it, oth­er­wise seri­ous health prob­lems may arise.

Lack of sports

One of the main mis­takes when los­ing weight at home is lack of phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. Exer­cis­ing allows you to burn even more calo­ries, and also trig­gers more active syn­the­sis of testos­terone (a fat-burn­ing hor­mone), which allows you to shed pounds faster.

Sports also allow you not to lose muscle while losing weight, which in the future will help you look not just thin, but athletic.  And this looks much better than painful thinness.


Anoth­er mis­take when los­ing weight is refus­ing to count the calo­ries you get from snack­ing. Why count them? One bar or a hand­ful of nuts will not ruin your fig­ure!

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, snacks are often very high in calo­ries, which has an extreme­ly neg­a­tive impact on your fig­ure. So give them up, or write down every snack in your calo­rie diary.

Bad dream

One of the mis­takes when los­ing weight on PP is the lack of prop­er atten­tion to sleep and wake­ful­ness. Healthy sleep is an impor­tant com­po­nent of fast and high-qual­i­ty weight loss.

Lack of sleep harms the pro­duc­tion of ben­e­fi­cial hor­mones, but accel­er­ates the pro­duc­tion of stress hor­mones, which cause hunger and trig­ger break­downs. Also, with­out sleep, you will have much less ener­gy, which will neg­a­tive­ly affect your ath­let­ic per­for­mance and make it dif­fi­cult to lose weight quick­ly.

Inadequate physical activity

A com­mon mis­take when los­ing weight in the gym is too high or too low loads. If you have not pre­vi­ous­ly exer­cised for a long time, it will be dif­fi­cult for you to choose the opti­mal load on the body.

This means that you will be in con­stant stress, or there will be no progress at all. Hire a good train­er and you will notice changes imme­di­ate­ly.

Lots of stress

Stress is a spe­cif­ic con­di­tion when the body goes into resource accu­mu­la­tion mode and also expects the sit­u­a­tion to wors­en at any moment. Dur­ing stress, devel­op­ment is impos­si­ble (only after over­com­ing it), so los­ing weight while in a stress­ful sit­u­a­tion is not the best idea. You’ll just be wast­ing your time.

Regular cheat meals and refeeds

Why does the weight stay the same?  Analyze how often you allow yourself cheat meals.

Cheat meal and refeed are terms from the world of big-time sports. A per­son who is pro­fes­sion­al­ly involved in sports and counts every calo­rie can allow him­self a lit­tle free­dom once every few weeks/months. But not you.

The diet of the aver­age per­son who just wants to lose weight is not as strict as it is made out to be. Yes, the con­sump­tion of some prod­ucts needs to be reduced, but in gen­er­al the restric­tions are min­i­mal. So what kind of cheat meals are we talk­ing about?

Expecting quick results

If you worked out for a month, did not see any sig­nif­i­cant changes and began to look for what mis­take you made while los­ing weight, con­grat­u­la­tions: the tenth!

Remem­ber: the first month says lit­tle about the weight loss process. Some­times peo­ple lose 1–2 kilo­grams or even mark time. But then the body adapts and begins to quick­ly get rid of the excess.

Don’t judge your results based on a month of train­ing and diet­ing. You can talk in detail a lit­tle lat­er, but only on the con­di­tion that you have real­ly approached the issue of los­ing weight com­pe­tent­ly: you play sports, con­sult with a nutri­tion­ist, and adhere to a healthy diet.

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