A 30-year-old man lost almost half his weight and shared his suc­cess sto­ry.

Thir­ty-year-old lawyer Gary Duffy has long but unsuc­cess­ful­ly strug­gled with excess weight. And yet, at one fine moment, he firm­ly decid­ed to change his life and in eigh­teen months lost almost half his weight. Here is his sto­ry, pub­lished in the Amer­i­can edi­tion of MH.

I’ve always been quite over­weight, even as a child. Going to uni­ver­si­ty only made the prob­lem worse: liv­ing on my own for the first time, I ate too much fast food and, of course, drank beer at stu­dent par­ties. I haven’t been involved in sports since I was six­teen.

After study­ing, I had a rather stress­ful job, and I still ate the same ugly way: a lot of processed food, fre­quent trips to cafes, all sorts of high-calo­rie treats. I drove to work by car, and after work I spent time on the couch watch­ing TV series — no train­ing. In about ten years, fat­ness turned into seri­ous obe­si­ty with asso­ci­at­ed prob­lems.

A cou­ple of things made me real­ize it was time to change. First­ly, I returned to uni­ver­si­ty to study fur­ther. And I dis­cov­ered that among my peer group I was the fat one. Every­one else was clear­ly friend­ly with phys­i­cal edu­ca­tion. I some­how sud­den­ly want­ed to get in shape for my grad­u­a­tion pho­to.

The sec­ond rea­son was COVID. Asth­ma + excess weight = what will hap­pen to me if I get infect­ed? And since I couldn’t cure asth­ma, I decid­ed to save my life by at least los­ing weight.

At his peak, he weighed as much as 127 kg, and was only 28 years old.  I had difficulty climbing the stairs, my knees hurt, and the blood circulation in my legs was generally impaired.  Sleep was interrupted by excessively brutal snoring, and my asthma began to worsen.  I often caught colds, and in general I felt rather bad.  And he rejected any physical activity - “not my thing.”

I installed the MyFit­ness­Pal app and tar­get­ed 1,500 calo­ries a day. I start­ed keep­ing a food diary, not­ing which foods filled me up best. Through tri­al and error, I came up with a high-pro­tein diet that includ­ed lots of Greek yogurt and chick­en, as well as healthy fats from nuts and fish. Of course, I eat a lot of veg­eta­bles; At first I watched car­bo­hy­drates quite strict­ly, but as I lost weight I relaxed a lit­tle on this issue.

As for train­ing, at first it was just walk­ing. The lock­down sav­ior pro­vid­ed me with more free time. I just orga­nized a hike around the city every oth­er day for the max­i­mum dis­tance. Then, of course, I added jog­ging, exer­cis­es with my own weight and with iron. But most of all he loved his hikes. My girl­friend also start­ed los­ing weight, and we sup­port­ed each oth­er.

In about a year and a half, I lost more than six­ty-three kilos, that is, half my weight. I have nev­er felt bet­ter or health­i­er. Now my asth­ma is under con­trol and I am much more active. Now I want to gain mus­cle.

I just fol­lowed my own path of tri­al and error. When you’re just start­ing out, you don’t have to wor­ry about a lot of parts or buy a ton of equip­ment. Start with some­thing easy and grad­u­al­ly learn. It is very impor­tant to decide why exact­ly you want to change. The more impor­tant the goal, the eas­i­er it will be for you to stay moti­vat­ed.

The man lost 60 kg after quarantine

Anoth­er moti­va­tion­al sto­ry: Troy Steele, 47, from Mel­bourne, was able to lose 60kg after gain­ing weight dur­ing the COVID-19 lock­down. Dur­ing the first month of quar­an­tine, Troy and his fiancée Leslie found them­selves eat­ing larg­er meals and drink­ing more alco­hol. This led to a sig­nif­i­cant increase in their weight. Troy began to weigh almost 160 kg and real­ized that some­thing need­ed to change.

Troy heard about a weight loss pro­gram called 28 by Sam Wood and decid­ed to try it. This pro­gram requires you to eat right for eight weeks and do 28 min­utes of work­outs every day, tai­lored specif­i­cal­ly for you. Dur­ing the first month of the pro­gram, Troy real­ized that lifestyle and mind­set changes were key. He and his part­ner Leslie tried to eat a bal­anced diet and exer­cise, and added dai­ly walks to their sched­ule.

To date, Troy has man­aged to lose 60 kg, and Leslie — 25 kg. They report not only phys­i­cal changes, but also a pos­i­tive impact on their men­tal health.

A bal­anced diet, exer­cise and a pos­i­tive atti­tude helped the Steele fam­i­ly man­age their weight. As var­i­ous stud­ies con­firm, this approach to los­ing weight is the most effec­tive and safe.

Troy advises those who are having trouble gaining weight after quarantine to just get started and be disciplined as it is discipline that gets results and can help you lose 60kg.

The girl lost 60 kg for her graduation

18-year-old Josie Des­grand spoke about her jour­ney to a healthy and beau­ti­ful body, as a result of which she man­aged to lose 60 kg over two years. Dur­ing her most dif­fi­cult years, she weighed 127 kg and often faced bul­ly­ing at school because of her weight. She decid­ed to change her lifestyle so she could wear the most beau­ti­ful dress to her prom. From that moment on, the girl began to fol­low a healthy diet low in car­bo­hy­drates and sug­ar.

Josie notes that her suc­cess in los­ing 60 kg is due not only to diet, but also to lifestyle changes in gen­er­al. She start­ed exer­cis­ing, includ­ing work­ing out at the gym, and focused on main­tain­ing mus­cle tone.

Although Josie's journey was not without its challenges, she found the motivation and support to continue moving forward.  She has now become an inspiration to others and has even created an online meal planner to help struggling people lose 60kg or more.

A woman lost 60 kg and accepted her body

35-year-old Claire Car­ley man­aged to lose 60 kg and main­tain this result. Claire suf­fered from low self-esteem and felt unhap­py in her body. Its max­i­mum weight reached 142.5 kg. She was ashamed of her fig­ure and felt dis­com­fort every day. Claire also admits to hav­ing prob­lems with emo­tion­al eat­ing.

Claire decid­ed to change her eat­ing habits and start exer­cis­ing. The WW (Weight Watch­ers) pro­gram helped her lose 60 kg. She used a food track­ing app to help her bet­ter con­trol her por­tions and mon­i­tor her nutri­tion. As for exer­cise, Claire start­ed with just walk­ing and grad­u­al­ly added small runs. She also dis­cov­ered that she real­ly enjoyed run­ning, and even took part in a marathon as a result.

Claire's advice to others is not to feel alone in their 60kg weight loss journey and to seek support from others as they strive to become the best version of themselves.  She also emphasizes the importance of enjoying incremental changes that will ultimately lead to significant results.

A man lost 60 kg in 11 months

Pak­istani Tal­ha Majid lost 60 kg in 11 months. His sto­ry began when he woke up one night with trou­ble breath­ing. This became a wor­ry­ing sign for the young man, and he decid­ed to change his lifestyle to improve his health and well-being.

He began his weight loss jour­ney with a diet rich in pro­tein and low in car­bo­hy­drates. His diet includ­ed eggs, chick­en, fruit and fish. He also start­ed work­ing out in the gym under the super­vi­sion of a train­er. He set small goals for him­self, focus­ing on grad­ual weight loss. Ulti­mate­ly, this helped him lose 60 kg.

After some time, the young man reached a plateau — this is a state when weight does not decrease for some time. How­ev­er, he did not give up and con­tin­ued to work towards his goal of los­ing 60 kg. At times he broke the rules of his diet, but he always returned to his plan and saw results.

He also made changes to his train­ing pro­gram, plac­ing more empha­sis on strength train­ing. As a result of his hard work and ded­i­ca­tion, he was able to lose 60 kg in 11 months.

Talha Majeed advises setting small goals, changing habits when you hit a plateau, and maintaining a healthy diet.  He emphasizes the importance of consistency and always striving towards your goal.  These tips will help you lose 60 kg in no time

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