Now he plans to lose anoth­er 15 kilo­grams.

A man from the USA, who weighed 244 kilo­grams, was tired of the extra pounds and decid­ed to com­plete­ly change his life. He gave up bad habits and took up sports.

Bad habits and work

57-year-old Amer­i­can Jeff Brinker from Mis­souri has been grad­u­al­ly gain­ing weight since 2005, writes Kron 4. This was due to his bad habits and work. So, from 2005 to 2015, he and his ex-wife owned a com­pa­ny that sold bar­be­cue and cater­ing. Over these 10 years, the man began to weigh 244 kilo­grams.

Gradual awareness

In 2016, Brinker decid­ed to under­go gas­tric sleeve surgery. This allowed him to get rid of some of the extra pounds. How­ev­er, I still did not achieve my dream fig­ure. In 2021, the man’s daugh­ter Saman­tha explained that he need­ed to lose weight. And after sev­er­al such con­ver­sa­tions, Brinker agreed.

As a result, he decid­ed to change his lifestyle. He explained that he promised him­self to abrupt­ly give up bad habits. Brinker tried sev­er­al times to do this, to enroll in some pro­gram, but each time he failed. Then he real­ized that he need­ed to change his way of think­ing.

How did he lose weight?

To begin with, he reduced the ener­gy val­ue of his diet to 1,200 kilo­calo­ries per day and com­plete­ly gave up sug­ar. The Amer­i­can admit­ted that he had a sweet tooth, but pulled him­self togeth­er and sim­ply gave up sweets and even stopped adding sug­ar to his cof­fee. He also exclud­ed sim­ple car­bo­hy­drates like white bread from his menu.

The man began to eat five times a day and exer­cise reg­u­lar­ly. Every morn­ing he starts with exer­cise: he rides an exer­cise bike and does exer­cis­es with light weights.

Over time, Brinker increased his train­ing per­for­mance to an hour and a half and began to con­sume 1.6 thou­sand calo­ries.

As a result, he lost weight twice: to 122 kilo­grams. The waist cir­cum­fer­ence decreased by almost half a meter: from 152 to 106 cen­time­ters. The man is pleased with the result achieved, but does not plan to stop: now he wants to lose anoth­er 15 kilo­grams.

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