The actor assures that the extra pounds are arti­fi­cial.

53-year-old actor Bren­dan Fras­er, known for his role as adven­tur­er Rick O’Con­nell in the film “The Mum­my”, appeared on the first poster of the new film by Dar­ren Aronof­sky (“Requiem for a Dream”, “Noah”, “The Fight­er”) and amazed fans — instead of the hand­some man Fras­er, view­ers saw a 270-pound obese man. How­ev­er, the actor claims that the image on the screen was cre­at­ed arti­fi­cial­ly — with the help of make­up and spe­cial pros­thet­ics. The New York Post writes about this.

Aronof­sky’s dra­ma “The Whale” tells the sto­ry of an Eng­lish teacher named Char­lie, who suf­fers from mor­bid obe­si­ty and tries to mend his rela­tion­ship with his teenage daugh­ter. The man began to gain weight after los­ing his part­ner: he was eat­ing away the grief that he could not cope with oth­er­wise.

Charlie’s line is very sim­i­lar to the life of Bren­dan Fras­er him­self: in 2015, the actor buried his moth­er and at the same time was going through a divorce, after which he was forced to pay alimo­ny in the amount of 900 thou­sand a year. Added to this were health prob­lems due to injuries on the set: Fras­er under­went surgery on his spine, back, kneecap and vocal cords. The hand­some guy from “George of the Jun­gle” began to gain weight, and fans were per­plexed and thought that the actor had com­plete­ly neglect­ed him­self.

Break for 10 years

In 2019, Fras­er appeared on the big screen for the first time in 10 years in the film Poi­son Rose. The actor also starred in Mar­tin Scors­ese’s crime dra­ma Killers of the Flower Moon. The Mum­my star has worked with DiCaprio and Robert De Niro — this is a new stage for Fras­er after being bul­lied online due to his “failed career and life.”

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