This diet is not par­tic­u­lar­ly bal­anced and is unlike­ly to improve your health, but it promis­es quick weight loss.

The so-called “mil­i­tary” (no rela­tion to the mil­i­tary) diet has received a lot of atten­tion with claims that it can help peo­ple lose about five kilo­grams in a week. Body­builder and YouTu­ber Will Ten­nyson, who likes to test him­self with var­i­ous chal­lenges, decid­ed to try to hold out for at least three days — although the nutri­tion­ist imme­di­ate­ly warned that such a diet would neg­a­tive­ly affect his results in the gym, and the weight lost would come back.

On the first day, Ten­nyson feasts — 1400 calo­ries (then the calo­rie intake is reduced). Break­fast con­sists of one toast with peanut but­ter, half a grape­fruit and black cof­fee. Lunch: half a cup of tuna and anoth­er cup of black cof­fee. “For some rea­son, meals are get­ting sad­der,” Will notes. The third and final meal, which he calls his “baby din­ner,” con­sists of an 85-gram por­tion of beef, a cup of green beans, an apple and half a banana.

“I must say that my mood has already dropped,” the hero shares his impres­sions, “But the cause­less irri­tabil­i­ty has increased.”

On the sec­ond day, Ten­nyson can only eat 1,200 calo­ries, which in every­day life usu­al­ly means one “nor­mal meal.” For break­fast, he eats a fried egg, a piece of toast, half a banana and even more black cof­fee. Then he goes to the gym for a work­out, which he says just “sucks” because he has no ener­gy.

Lunch — a cup of cot­tage cheese and anoth­er egg with saltine crack­ers. “I don’t think things can get any worse,” Will says, and he’s wrong. Soon the hunger becomes so intense that Ten­nyson begins to try dif­fer­ent ways to sup­press it, includ­ing drink­ing apple cider vine­gar and doing acupunc­ture on his own. “It didn’t help,” he reports sad­ly. Din­ner con­sists of two hot dogs, a cup of broc­coli, half a cup of car­rots, half a banana, and even half a cup of vanil­la ice cream.

On the third and last day, calo­ries are reduced to 1100. For break­fast, Will eats six buns with grat­ed cheese and an apple. For lunch, anoth­er egg on toast, and for the last din­ner he has a cup of tuna and anoth­er cup of vanil­la ice cream.

The next morn­ing, Ten­nyson weighs him­self and dis­cov­ers that his weight has dropped from 87 kg to 84, a decrease of three kilos. “On the one hand, this achieve­ment some­what com­pen­sates for the suf­fer­ing. But on the oth­er hand, I will nev­er do this again in my life.”

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