Healthy eat­ing is impor­tant not only in sum­mer. But it’s even eas­i­er to do this in hot weath­er.

To make healthy eat­ing a habit, it’s impor­tant to make it easy to eat healthy.
Here are some tips to help you:

  • Be care­ful with soft drinks and snacks. Nuts, chips, high-calo­rie and unno­ticed sweets, cold cof­fee with syrups hide the hid­den dan­ger of going over a cou­ple of hun­dred, or even thou­sands of calo­ries above the dai­ly norm. Replace snacks with crunchy veg­eta­bles. Instead of chips, you can choose apple slices or car­rot sticks.
  • Choose sea­son­al veg­eta­bles and fruits. You don’t have to buy man­goes or avocados—common apples, bananas, and toma­toes also con­tain enough vit­a­mins.
  • Don’t overuse ice cream. This tasty del­i­ca­cy is a tra­di­tion­al sum­mer prod­uct. How­ev­er, allow your­self not three times a day, oth­er­wise by autumn you risk not fit­ting into your favorite jeans.
  • Do not replace reg­u­lar water with lemon­ades and sweet car­bon­at­ed drinks, includ­ing alco­holic cock­tails. Water quench­es thirst, but they don’t.
  • Do not replace your usu­al meals with fruits, desserts, sweets, and drinks. On hot days, many peo­ple com­plain of a lack of appetite, but at the same time eat snacks with­out gain­ing the nec­es­sary nutri­ents.
  • Get in the habit of mak­ing fruit sal­ads. Greek yogurt or soft cot­tage cheese with a low fat con­tent are excel­lent as a dress­ing.
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