Kon­stan­tin Glukhov told how he achieved impres­sive shape.

Kon­stan­tin Glukhov is a titled kick­box­er and MMA fight­er who, at his peak, delight­ed fans with his phys­i­cal attrib­ut­es. The man decid­ed to tell how he gained impres­sive mus­cle mass in order to fight among huge heavy­weights.

Sleep and eat well

Glukhov believes that sleep comes first for prop­er weight gain. You need to rest for at least 8 hours, and if there was a busy train­ing day, then 9 or even 10. After all, it is in sleep that mus­cle recov­ery and growth occurs.

Nutri­tion has always been in sec­ond place for a kick­box­er. Glukhov advis­es sys­tem­atiz­ing your food intake and keep­ing a table of calo­ries and nutri­ents con­sumed:

“You need to write out your por­tions by weight, weigh them and write down in the table the amount of pro­tein, car­bo­hy­drates, and fats you eat. There is a gen­er­al guide­line, based on your weight, of how much you should eat of each of these three com­po­nents.”

Consume more calories

“To gain weight, you need to eat more calo­ries than you burn! — the fight­er is con­fi­dent. — For exam­ple, in order to gain a few kilo­grams, I need to eat 1000 calo­ries more than I expend. Let me give you an exam­ple: when train­ing with iron, I spend 700–900 calo­ries. Plus dur­ing the day 1200–1400. Plus 1500 at night. It turns out that I need to eat about 5000 calo­ries per day! Again we need cal­cu­la­tions.

There­fore, I am guid­ed by a good sim­ple method that Ron­nie Cole­man, a mul­ti­ple Mr. Olympia cham­pi­on, told me a long time ago. Name­ly, you should eat until you are full and a lit­tle on top! That is, overeat a lit­tle.”

How does Glukhov eat?

  • Por­ridge in the morn­ing, prefer­ably with pro­tein. You can add cot­tage cheese or eggs to it.
  • After train­ing with pro­tein, be sure to eat car­bo­hy­drates — a piece of bread, a bun or a pie.
  • For lunch and after­noon snack, add more rice or pas­ta.
  • If there is no sec­ond work­out, then you need to eat some fruits and veg­eta­bles before din­ner.
  • Fish, eggs, and chick­en are good for din­ner. Por­ridge is a must, the fight­er also adds sour cream.
  • You can drink pro­tein at night.

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