If you’re try­ing to lose weight, that does­n’t mean you have to give up dessert. On the con­trary, pay­ing atten­tion to sweets can do won­ders.

Eat­ing desserts in small quan­ti­ties can actu­al­ly be part of a weight loss diet.

Have a cup of green tea with dessert

The com­bi­na­tion of tea and dessert can be not only pleas­ant, but also healthy. Per­haps you will asso­ciate the process of drink­ing tea with some­thing tasty, and sweets will not occu­py your thoughts the rest of the time.

Inter­est­ing­ly, green tea con­tains caf­feine and a com­pound called EGCG, both of which pro­mote weight loss. There­fore, it will be use­ful to stock up on this prod­uct.

Remember the natural sweetness of fruits

If you love fruits, try choos­ing them as a dessert from time to time. This will help sat­is­fy your sweet tooth while pro­vid­ing your body with healthy fiber. This sub­stance helps con­trol appetite and pro­motes sati­ety. You can also make sim­ple, healthy fruit-based desserts, such as sor­bets.

Photo by Ella Olsson: Pexels

Give yourself permission to eat any dessert

Some­times exces­sive restric­tions in order to lose weight can lead to the oppo­site effect. When we don’t give our­selves per­mis­sion to eat what we want, the crav­ings only get worse. Sure­ly the desire will grow until you give up. Most like­ly, it will now be a larg­er por­tion than if you ate it right away.

This can real­ly help you main­tain your weight loss in the long term. The more often you “give in” to your desires and eat dessert, the less spe­cial it becomes. Over time, you will hard­ly think about it and your por­tion sizes will nat­u­ral­ly become small­er. This method works flaw­less­ly if you com­bine it with a nutri­ent-rich diet and reg­u­lar activ­i­ty.

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