It’s not enough to just eat a lot to become a mus­cle­man.

Piri Rad­er is an Amer­i­can body­builder and method­ol­o­gist who cre­at­ed his own mass gain sys­tem. He tried it on him­self and gained more than 30 kilo­grams in 2 years, ini­tial­ly hav­ing 55 kilo­grams with a height of 187 cen­time­ters.

How to quickly gain muscle mass?

  • Work with basic exercises. After this, give yourself a rest — the muscles grow during recovery.

  • Increase your weight. You don’t just need to “pump” your muscles — it’s important to progress and set new records.

  • Squats are the main exercise. It is ideal for gaining mass and increasing strength.

  • Add 1 liter of milk for each meal. If you have three meals a day, you will drink 3 liters of milk per day.

How to gain weight with squats?

Rad­er believes that the eas­i­est and most reli­able way to gain mass quick­ly is to per­form heavy squats twice a week.

  • In the first les­son, squat 20 times, in the sec­ond — 10. At the same time, choose approx­i­mate­ly the same bar­bell weight for both work­outs.
  • To squat 20 times, insert short paus­es between rep­e­ti­tions. At first they should be min­i­mal, and at the end of the exer­cise they can increase to 10 sec­onds.

Remem­ber that mus­cles grow best when they are under stress. If you’re into strength train­ing, you get the most bang for your buck when you lift heav­ier weights. Pull-ups, dead­lifts, weight­ed squats, and bench press­es are best for stim­u­lat­ing large mus­cle groups at once.

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