You may not have even heard of many of them.

Usu­al­ly peo­ple go on a diet to get rid of extra pounds that spoil their fig­ure. But the fat you don’t see can put your health at greater risk. Experts say that vis­cer­al fat, which forms under the sur­face of the skin, is much more dan­ger­ous for your body.

Why is visceral fat dangerous?

“Vis­cer­al fat pos­es health risks for sev­er­al rea­sons,” nutri­tion­ist Trista Best told Eat This Not That! “First­ly, it is deposit­ed in the front of the body, where it cre­ates sig­nif­i­cant stress on the heart and oth­er vital organs. This puts a per­son at risk for heart dis­ease and stroke, as well as oth­er chron­ic dis­eases. Sec­ond­ly, if it is allowed to per­sist, it will form around organs and tis­sues, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to burn.”

Best notes that vis­cer­al fat often goes unno­ticed: peo­ple con­sid­er them­selves thin, although their health is at risk. But how do you shed those pounds you can’t even see—especially as you get old­er?

How to eat to burn visceral fat?

Nutri­tion­ists rec­om­mend adding these prod­ucts to your diet after 50 years — they will help you lose dan­ger­ous vis­cer­al fat.

  • Cumin (sea­son­ing);
  • Green banana flour;
  • Lupine beans;
  • Fer­ment­ed foods (sauer­kraut, yogurt, kefir);
  • Fat­ty fish;
  • Leafy greens (spinach and kale);

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