She used to drink up to two liters of soda every day.

Moth­er-of-two Katie Gourlay, 33, from South Gipp­s­land, decid­ed to start liv­ing a health­i­er lifestyle after reach­ing her high­est weight of 104kg.

Emotional trap

By cut­ting back on carbs, giv­ing up her sug­ary drink crav­ings and con­trol­ling her emo­tion­al eat­ing, Katie was able to lose a lot of weight in just a year and now weighs 54kg. She admit­ted she was “addict­ed” to soft drinks and feels bet­ter than ever after giv­ing them up.

“I drank 1.5 to 2 liters of Coca-Cola a day. I can’t imag­ine what it would do to my stom­ach in the future,” the Amer­i­can woman tells Dai­ly­Mail.

A woman says she is an “emo­tion­al eater.” If she was bored, sad, or even if Katie was hap­py, she ate. “I just became lazy and ate when I was stressed, bored or any emo­tion,” the woman explains. Lit­er­al­ly all day she snacked on chips, choco­late, cakes and every­thing that came to hand. The woman ate a lot of pas­ta, her por­tions were as big as her hus­band’s, and she always came back for a sec­ond one.

Katie Gourlay

New life

After try­ing many diets, Katie decid­ed to have surgery to remove her gas­tric sleeve, or “shrink” her stom­ach. “I tried so many diets and they worked. But as soon as I stopped, I gained weight again,” says the woman.

Now Katie eats bread and pas­ta only once every two weeks or month. The Amer­i­can notes that she is still an “emo­tion­al eater”, but now choos­es health­i­er food. She still buys soda, which has zero calo­ries, but only drinks one can.

Katie Gourlay

Before she start­ed her weight loss jour­ney, the woman did­n’t want peo­ple to look at her. She did­n’t feel uncom­fort­able and believed that no one liked her, not even her­self. “I didn’t live my life at all, I just exist­ed,” says the Amer­i­can. Now Katie often goes out into the world, she has many new acquain­tances, and her hus­band notes her socia­bil­i­ty.

“My moti­va­tion is that I try to be a good role mod­el. How­ev­er, I also show that things don’t always go smooth­ly,” notes Katie.

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