Avoid basic begin­ner mis­takes in the world of prop­er nutri­tion.

For­mer foot­ball play­er, fit­ness mod­el and body­build­ing com­peti­tor in the “Men’s Physique” cat­e­go­ry, coach and gym own­er, pop­u­lar video blog­ger (over 1 mil­lion sub­scribers on YouTube), as well as a men­tor on the pop­u­lar TV show “The Biggest Los­er” Steve Cook says, how to start a diet jour­ney.

The main mistake beginners make is being too strict at the very beginning.

Many peo­ple vow, for exam­ple, on New Year’s Day that they will start a new life and lose weight — and from the first of Jan­u­ary they eat only chick­en breast and rice, severe­ly cut­ting calo­ries from the very begin­ning. It sim­ply sets them up for fail­ure.

I try to explain to clients that they shouldn’t try to lose ten kilos in the first month. If you want to lose that much or more — this is a long-term goal, you don’t need to start fast­ing right away. In the long term, this will lead to meta­bol­ic dis­or­ders.

How to start right

First, just start a food diary and just write down every­thing you ate for a week. On the sec­ond one, add weigh­ing of prod­ucts. After this week, you can start read­ing labels and iden­ti­fy­ing which foods are not ben­e­fi­cial. Find out which high-calo­rie foods you can replace with health­i­er options. There is always a choice, and you can start a diet with­out being super strict or giv­ing up the foods you love.

The diet should be reasonable, not restrictive

When I eat piz­za, peo­ple look at me with con­fu­sion. They don’t under­stand how they can eat this and main­tain their relief. And I explain that I don’t eat like this all the time; I just relax some­times, but most­ly I choose my dish­es wise­ly.

You can lose weight on the go

I trav­el a lot and eat healthy while I’m on the road, like snack­ing on a pro­tein bar instead of chips and soda. This is a small thing, but over time these lit­tle things add up to the over­all result. If you have learned to read labels to some extent, you have already tak­en a seri­ous step for­ward. This does­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly mean count­ing KBJU every day, but under­stand­ing what a serv­ing looks like and rough­ly what it includes can make a big dif­fer­ence. It’s like learn­ing to keep track of your bank account.

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