What should you do to learn to con­trol your­self and not sweep every­thing you see off the table?

Take full control

  • Allow your­self to get real­ly hun­gry between meals. Don’t snack, wait until you feel phys­i­cal­ly hun­gry and want to eat some­thing.
  • If you can’t real­ly get hun­gry between meals, try not eat­ing until you feel dis­com­fort in your stom­ach, and not just a men­tal desire to eat. You should­n’t start eat­ing just because:

- you always eat at this time

- are you bored

- you are afraid that you will get hun­gry at the wrong time.

  • When you feel hun­gry, don’t eat right away. First, pay atten­tion to how you feel. For the first time or two, write down how you feel phys­i­cal­ly:

— what are the sen­sa­tions in your stom­ach?

— Do you feel changes any­where else?

- maybe it’s actu­al­ly “hunger in the head” and not “in the body”

Eat mindfully

  • When the feel­ing of hunger pass­es:

- eat slow­ly and calm­ly;

- don’t rush to the kitchen and start sweep­ing away every­thing you find.

Remem­ber: it’s just hunger, and hunger is not an extreme sit­u­a­tion. Humans as a species are extreme­ly resilient and func­tion­al dur­ing long peri­ods of nutri­ent depri­va­tion. Skip­ping one meal is not dan­ger­ous, there is no rea­son to pan­ic.

We can go camp­ing for a long time with min­i­mal food and sur­vive. Feel­ing hun­gry is not dan­ger­ous, don’t exag­ger­ate!

If you are not used to feel­ing hun­gry, do these exer­cis­es slow­ly, grad­u­al­ly, start­ing on days when you have few things to do that cause stress — week­ends are good for this.

If you have an eat­ing dis­or­der (ED), are in the process of treat­ment for an eat­ing dis­or­der, or oth­er dis­eases that may make skip­ping meals dan­ger­ous, you should not exper­i­ment.

Click and watch

Ways to over­come hunger have been found, now find out whether it is true that peri­od­ic fast­ing pro­longs life, and also learn to dis­tin­guish real hunger from appetite.

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