Even at the age of 19, doc­tors doubt­ed that the actor would be able to walk after a bro­ken back, and now Bloom is set­ting records in the gym.

British actor Orlan­do Bloom, known for his roles in the films “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Lord of the Rings,” cap­ti­vates fans with his phys­i­cal form. Bloom reg­u­lar­ly posts frag­ments of his gru­el­ing work­outs: judg­ing by the results, the actor not only works for the cam­era, but gives his all in the gym.

The actor prac­tices both strength train­ing and body­weight train­ing: for exam­ple, a vari­a­tion of the side plank, which not every­one can repeat. Bloom per­forms the exer­cise dynam­i­cal­ly, using not only the core mus­cles, but also the arms and legs.

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Training with iron

Here the actor prefers the clas­sics

Barbell curl

Abs exercise with ABS roller

Raising arms in a crossover

It’s hard to believe, but doc­tors once doubt­ed that Orlan­do would even be able to walk. At the age of 19, the future actor fell from the third floor and broke his spine, mirac­u­lous­ly avoid­ing paral­y­sis. It was then that Broome recon­sid­ered his pri­or­i­ties in life: “Since then, I thank my body every day for allow­ing me to use it to the max­i­mum, and some­times even live on the edge (but now safer).”

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