This is one of the prob­lem areas in the male body, but do not rush to despair — fat can be defeat­ed.

What is important to know

Why does the stom­ach stick out, the waist grow wider, and the breasts increase with­out the con­sent of its own­er? These 3 prob­lem areas have one thing in com­mon: even if you have a devel­oped mus­cu­lar frame, due to the abun­dance of fat, your stom­ach, waist and chest will still look com­plete­ly unat­trac­tive.

Where to begin?

Inten­si­fied train­ing will not give the desired result with­out a prop­er review of the diet. At the same time, you don’t need to sharply cut calo­ries and switch to chick­en breast and buck­wheat: first, just get rid of the obvi­ous “garbage” (sweets, alco­hol, fast car­bo­hy­drates). These foods can be replaced with more nutri­tious and healthy alter­na­tives.

Removing the sides

If it’s all about genet­ics, then Cav­a­lier rec­om­mends work­ing on the shoul­der gir­dle — so that the waist looks visu­al­ly nar­row­er against the back­drop of a devel­oped back and shoul­ders. This, of course, does not change the fact that with a calo­rie deficit and reg­u­lar exer­cise, excess fat will leave your body on its own.

Shoulder push-ups

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Unilateral chest press

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Pullover with dumbbells

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