The self­less walk­er spent four hours on this every day. Find out what hap­pened.

The super­man with the inter­est­ing sur­name Ben­zin has tak­en on impos­si­ble chal­lenges before, for exam­ple, giv­ing up caf­feine, sug­ar or alco­hol for a whole month. In the new video, he com­mits to doing more exer­cise every day, includ­ing walk­ing 20,000 steps. “I work at home, edit­ing videos. If I don’t chal­lenge myself like this, I’ll stop mov­ing alto­geth­er,” he says.

The first thing he real­ized just a day or two into the chal­lenge was how long it takes to walk 20,000 steps. “It takes a full four hours, which sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces the time for every­thing else,” he says. “I pre­fer to go in the morn­ing, while it’s not too hot.”

Gaso­line weighs just over 80 kg and in the first days even gains an addi­tion­al kilo­gram — the body retains water, adapt­ing to the new load regime. But soon he begins to notice non-phys­i­cal, men­tal changes from his new habit.

“When your work is con­nect­ed with free cre­ativ­i­ty, then you do not have any plan except the one that you can draw up your­self. But here you just have to com­plete the chal­lenge and not rack your brains — it’s very nice.”

He also believes that walk­ing helps him in oth­er areas of his life, includ­ing mak­ing him more effi­cient at work. “Even if I walk for three and a half or four hours every day, I still man­age to do every­thing I need to do. I think this is the health­i­est habit I’ve devel­oped; it changes my whole life.”

By the end of the month, Gaso­line had lost a total of almost three kilos. “Los­ing weight depends on var­i­ous fac­tors; we can­not say that it is sole­ly due to walk­ing. And in gen­er­al, of course, the main thing is health, not spe­cif­ic weight.”

How­ev­er, he then adds that doing so much low-inten­si­ty car­dio every day is, in his expe­ri­ence, “prob­a­bly the eas­i­est way to lose weight.”

A few weeks after the chal­lenge, Ben­zin adds that he fell in love with walk­ing and con­tin­ues to exer­cise dai­ly, only he reduced the dose from 20,000 to 10,000 steps. “I’ve been get­ting up from my desk and going for walks a lot more often, which is great.”

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