Fans of Tot­ten­ham and Borus­sia will have to step over them­selves.

Factor in the new Champions League format

The con­fronta­tion between Arse­nal and Bay­ern was a lit­tle unlucky: accord­ing to the sched­ule drawn up by UEFA, the match­es are played on the same day.Same as Real Madrid and Man­ches­ter City. And the super show that hap­pened last Tues­day in Madrid left the meet­ing in Lon­don in the shad­ows, although it was also inter­est­ing there. Arse­nal looked more com­plete, but Bay­ern, despite all the dif­fi­cul­ties, still has high-qual­i­ty play­ers and mer­ci­less­ly pun­ish­es the slight­est mis­takes — the skill lev­el of indi­vid­ual play­ers allows this to be done. Plus there were a cou­ple of non-obvi­ous moments from the point of view of ref­er­ee­ing.

So the return game in Munich promis­es to be no less excit­ing (will Har­ry Kane real­ly lose his chance at tro­phies in mid-April, as he usu­al­ly did at Tot­ten­ham?), but the match at the Allianz Are­na also has a hid­den twist. but no less sig­nif­i­cant intrigue. And the future of oth­er clubs also depends on how Arse­nal and Bay­ern end their con­fronta­tion. More­over, those whose fans these same Arse­nal and Bay­ern, to put it mild­ly, do not like.

Cham­pi­ons League. 1/4 finals

April 17, 22:00. Allianz Are­na (Munich)




In Europe, there has nev­er been a cult of the noto­ri­ous “Euro glass­es”, which was so wide­spread in Rus­sia among many fans and jour­nal­ists. Accord­ing to him, in Euro­pean com­pe­ti­tions you were sup­posed to root for all clubs from the RPL, regard­less of who you actu­al­ly sup­port. Like, they are all “ours” there, but they are play­ing against “not ours”. Per­son­al­ly, I nev­er under­stood this and felt a feel­ing of deep sat­is­fac­tion when the bit­ter rivals of my favorite club were stuffed with strings of goals in the same Cham­pi­ons League.

But let’s return to Arse­nal and Bay­ern. It seems that fans of Tot­ten­ham and the same Borus­sia Dort­mund on Wednes­day will have to give their sym­pa­thies not to the one to whom they would give them in a nor­mal sit­u­a­tion, but to drown them for the ene­mies from North Lon­don and the red­necks from the hat­ed Munich, respec­tive­ly. And all because of the noto­ri­ous “Euro point”.

Bay­ern lost the Bun­desli­ga for the first time in 11 years, Arse­nal lost first place in the Pre­mier League. Cham­pi­ons League — a chance for teams to save the sea­son

The point is the new for­mat of the Cham­pi­ons League, which will be launched next sea­son. I think that every­one is already more or less aware: the increase in the num­ber of teams in the group stage from 32 to 36, the Swiss sys­tem, and so on. Accord­ing­ly, the selec­tion process has changed slight­ly. Accord­ing to the new rules, one addi­tion­al tick­et to the group stage will be giv­en to the coun­tries that score the most points in the UEFA coef­fi­cients table in the pre­vi­ous sea­son (that is, in our case, the 2023/24 sea­son).

It is clear that this is anoth­er nod to the top leagues and top clubs, who get anoth­er oppor­tu­ni­ty to be in the Cham­pi­ons League if for some rea­son their sea­son did not go well and they found them­selves low­er in the nation­al cham­pi­onship table than they would have been I want­ed to.

Borus­sia fans.
Pho­to by Reuters

Why Tottenham and Borussia benefit from their competitors’ victories

I assume you still remem­ber how the UEFA coef­fi­cient table is cal­cu­lat­ed: clubs par­tic­i­pat­ing in Euro­pean com­pe­ti­tions receive points for wins, draws and pas­sage to the next round of the com­pe­ti­tion. These points are summed up and divid­ed by the num­ber of teams that rep­re­sent­ed a par­tic­u­lar coun­try in Europe. It doesn’t mat­ter at all whether we are talk­ing about the Cham­pi­ons League or the Con­fer­ence League — the points for suc­cess­ful per­for­mance are the same in any tour­na­ment.

So, now the posi­tion in the UEFA coef­fi­cients table at the end of the 2023/24 sea­son is as fol­lows:

1. Italy — 18,428 points, 4 out of 7 clubs con­tin­ue to play.

2. Ger­many — 16.785 points, 3/7.

3. Eng­land — 16,750 points, 5/8.

4. Spain — 15,062 points, 3/8.

5. France — 14,750 points, 3/6.

As you can see, Italy will almost cer­tain­ly make it into the top 2. Accord­ing­ly, the team that takes 5th place in Serie A will also be in the Cham­pi­ons League. Spain is well behind, but Ger­many and Eng­land are very close. It is these two asso­ci­a­tions that will chal­lenge the sec­ond prize. And in this light, the rival­ry between Arse­nal and Bay­ern takes on addi­tion­al con­text. The gap is only 0.025 points, every point is impor­tant (the con­fronta­tion between Bay­er and West Ham in the Europa League also sparkled with new col­ors, where the club from Lev­erkusen won the first match with a score of 2:0).

Arse­nal must beat this Bay­ern. But Arte­ta’s team has big prob­lems in the cup com­pe­ti­tions

And if, for exam­ple, Arse­nal advances fur­ther, then in the semi-finals it will meet the win­ner of the Real – MS pair. A duel between two Eng­lish teams is also pos­si­ble, one of which will end up in the final. And all this is extra points. Yes, from this point of view, Aston Villa’s advance­ment in the Con­fer­ence League brack­et is no less impor­tant, but, again, the gap is min­i­mal, and every point is impor­tant.

What does Tot­ten­ham and Borus­sia have to do with it, you ask? It is Spurs who are now in 5th place in the Pre­mier League table. Yes, Aston Vil­la are only three points ahead, despite the fact that the Lon­don­ers have a game in hand (it’s always good to play it safe). And Dort­mund is in 5th place in the Bun­desli­ga. And yes, every­thing is tight there too: Leipzig, which is in fourth, has the same num­ber of points, but it is always calmer when there is room for error.