The sto­ry of the Span­ish mid­field­er of Man­ches­ter City.

Rodri (Rodri­go Her­nan­dez Cas­cante)
Date of Birth: June 22, 1996
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain)
Kind of sport: foot­ball
Role: mid­field­er
Height: 191 cm, weight: 82 kg
Game num­ber: 16
Team: “Man­ches­ter city”

The con­tent of the arti­cle
  • Where was he born and his child­hood?
  • Foot­ball career: clubs and nation­al team
  • Achieve­ments
  • How much does he earn
  • Per­son­al life

Where was he born and his childhood?

Rodri­go Her­nan­dez Cas­cante, who is best known as Rodri, or Rodri­go, was born in the cap­i­tal of Spain, Madrid. The father of the future star played foot­ball and played in the sec­ond divi­sion, but a back injury forced him to end his career ear­ly.

Rodri has been inter­est­ed in foot­ball since child­hood. But he didn’t so much play with the ball as he excit­ed­ly watched and ana­lyzed the game on TV. The mid­field­er him­self admit­ted: “I was inter­est­ed in how it works. I watched a lot of games and could tell how deeply a play­er was think­ing on the field. I tried adding this to my game. So I had an advan­tage, espe­cial­ly at a young age when not many play­ers have that kind of con­cep­tu­al under­stand­ing.”

Rodri start­ed out in the youth team of the small club Rayo Majada­hon­da. In 2007, he moved to Atléti­co Madrid, where he was noticed by the coach­es of the Span­ish youth team. A promis­ing foot­ball play­er with the nation­al team went to the U‑17 Euro­pean Cham­pi­onship and won it. In 2013, Atléti­co ter­mi­nat­ed the agree­ment with the young man due to his phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics and short stature.

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After such an unex­pect­ed turn, Rodri decid­ed to leave the sport. In addi­tion, the foot­ball player’s father warned his son that his career could end abrupt­ly, like his, so it is impor­tant to get an edu­ca­tion and devel­op in dif­fer­ent direc­tions. The boy lis­tened to his dad and at the age of 18 became a stu­dent in the Fac­ul­ty of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Castil­la. Rho­dri always had a thirst for knowl­edge — even as a child, he trav­eled to the USA and Ire­land to study Eng­lish.

But foot­ball did not let go of the Madrid man; in 2013 he received an invi­ta­tion to Vil­lar­real. The young man began to improve phys­i­cal­ly and notice­ably stretched out. His height became more than 190 cen­time­ters. Soon the foot­ball stu­dent had to com­bine study and train­ing.

Football career: clubs and national team


In 2015, Rodri­go was announced for Vil­lar­real, but he still con­tin­ued to play only for the youth team. The defen­sive mid­field­er got his chance in the main team on April 17, 2016, in a game against Rayo Val­le­cano, when he replaced Denis Suarez in the sec­ond half. On Novem­ber 3, he scored his first goal for Vil­lar­real. This hap­pened in the Europa League match with the Turk­ish Osman­lispor (1:2).

Already play­ing in La Liga, Rodri lived in a dor­mi­to­ry and con­tin­ued to study at the uni­ver­si­ty. In total, he played 84 match­es for Vil­lar­real, in which he scored two goals.

Rodri at Atléti­co. 2018
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Atlético Madrid

In the spring of 2018, Rodri­go moved to Atléti­co Madrid and signed a 5‑year con­tract. The trans­fer amount was 20 mil­lion euros. The mid­field­er’s debut in the main team of the Madrid club, whose acad­e­my did not appre­ci­ate his tal­ent, took place on August 25 in a game against Rayo Val­le­cano. He played only one sea­son for the Mat­tress Mak­ers, play­ing 47 match­es in all com­pe­ti­tions and scor­ing three goals.

“Manchester city”

In the sum­mer of 2019, Rodri­go received an offer from Man­ches­ter City, which paid Atléti­co a com­pen­sa­tion of 70 mil­lion euros. The Span­ish mid­field­er’s debut in the Eng­lish club took place in the coun­try’s Super Cup match against Liv­er­pool (5:4 on penal­ties). The mid­field­er quick­ly became one of the key play­ers in Pep Guardi­o­la’s team.
Rodri made a major con­tri­bu­tion to Man City’s tre­ble in the 2022/23 sea­son — win­ning the league and FA Cup, as well as the Cham­pi­ons League. The Spaniard scored the only goal in the Cham­pi­ons League final against Inter. Thanks to him, the “towns­peo­ple” won the main club tour­na­ment for the first time in his­to­ry.

Spain national team

In 2017, Rodri­go made his debut in the Span­ish youth team. At the 2017 Youth World Cham­pi­onships in Poland, the Spaniards took sil­ver medals. Her­nan­dez him­self took part in this tour­na­ment only in the match with Ser­bia (1:0).

Rodri made his debut in the coun­try’s main team on March 23, 2018, play­ing in a friend­ly match with the Ger­man nation­al team. In 2021, Her­nan­dez and the nation­al team won sil­ver medals in the Nations League, and won this tour­na­ment in the 2022/23 sea­son.

Rodri is now prepar­ing to take part in Euro 2024 in Ger­many.

Rodri in the Span­ish nation­al team. 2019
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Atlético Madrid

  • UEFA Super Cup win­ner (2018)

  • Cham­pi­on of Eng­land (2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23)

  • FA Cup win­ner (2022/23)

  • Foot­ball League Cup win­ner (2019/20, 2020/21)

  • Eng­lish Super Cup win­ner (2019)

  • Cham­pi­ons League win­ner (2022/23)

  • UEFA Super Cup win­ner (2023)

  • Club World Cup win­ner (2023)

  • Euro­pean cham­pi­on among play­ers under 19 years old (2015)

  • Vice Euro­pean cham­pi­on among play­ers under 21 (2017)

  • UEFA Nations League win­ner (2022/23)


  • Globe Soc­cer Awards Mid­field­er of the Year (2023)

  • Best Play­er of the Club World Cup (2023)

  • Cham­pi­ons League Final Best Play­er (2022/23)

  • UEFA Cham­pi­ons League team play­er (2022/23)

Rodri after Man­ches­ter City’s Cham­pi­ons League vic­to­ry. 2023
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How much does he earn

Rodri earns £8,580,000 a year at Man­ches­ter City (just over 10 mil­lion in euros). His week­ly salary is 165 thou­sand pounds (209 thou­sand euros).

Accord­ing to the British tabloid The Sun in the spring of 2024, the man­age­ment of the Eng­lish club intends to improve the terms of the foot­ball player’s con­tract and raise his salary to 300 thou­sand pounds per week (349 thou­sand euros). Only Bel­gian Kevin de Bruyne and Nor­we­gian Erling Haa­land (400 thou­sand pounds each) will receive more than him at Man City.

Accord­ing to Trans­fer­markt in the spring of 2024, the foot­baller’s mar­ket val­ue is esti­mat­ed at 110 mil­lion euros.

Rho­dri with his girl­friend Lau­ra.
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Personal life

Rodri­go has been dat­ing a girl named Lau­ra for sev­er­al years. They met at the uni­ver­si­ty. Lau­ra is study­ing to become a doc­tor and plans to work as a sur­geon. She leads a mod­est lifestyle and rarely posts pho­tos on social net­works. The cou­ple has no chil­dren and they are in no hur­ry to for­mal­ize the rela­tion­ship.

Her­nan­dez also lives a mod­est lifestyle. He does­n’t have expen­sive cars. In Spain, until the end, the ath­lete drove a used Opel Cor­sa, which he bought based on an ad on the web­site. He need­ed a car to go vis­it his par­ents. In addi­tion, the foot­ball play­er used a sim­ple push-but­ton tele­phone for a long time.

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The Span­ish nation­al team play­er has delib­er­ate­ly giv­en up social media and does not have tat­toos on his body. He describes him­self as a mod­est per­son who needs lit­tle for a com­fort­able life.

The mid­field­er spends all his free time with his girl­friend and fam­i­ly. Besides foot­ball, Rodri enjoys play­ing table ten­nis and read­ing. He also con­tin­ues to study for­eign lan­guages.