The pres­ence of Kylian Mbappe at the Paris Olympics is a mat­ter of nation­al impor­tance. The local League 1, where the 25-year-old for­ward is cur­rent­ly run­ning, will do every­thing for the com­pe­ti­tion in Paris and allow any­one to play there. But for­eign leagues and clubs are not very inter­est­ed in releas­ing their play­ers from August 26 to August 11.

In par­tic­u­lar, Madrid “Real” sent a let­ter to the French Foot­ball Fed­er­a­tion back in March, where it announced that it does not plan to send its play­ers to play in Paris. It was about Eduar­do Camavin­ga, Aure­lien Chua­meni and Fer­lan Mendy, who are cur­rent­ly play­ing for the Roy­al Club.

The lat­est rumors are send­ing Kylian Mbappe to Madrid, who seems to have already decid­ed all the ques­tions and will become a play­er of the Span­ish cham­pi­on in the sum­mer. And this is where the prob­lem aris­es: the for­ward him­self is not against play­ing in the Olympic foot­ball tour­na­ment, but his new club may pre­vent him.

That is why French Pres­i­dent Emmanuel Macron, in a recent inter­view for La Tri­bune Dimanche, sent a clear sig­nal to “Madrid”, say­ing that all French peo­ple believe that Kylian will be allowed to play: “I real­ly hope that all Euro­pean clubs will let their play­ers go to the Olympics, as they did French clubs. I met Mbappe’s father last week and asked him a ques­tion. He told me: “Kil­ian wants to play in the Olympics,” Macron said.

We will remind that in 2022 it was the French pres­i­dent who actu­al­ly blocked the trans­fer of the star for­ward to Real Madrid.

As Mbappe him­self lat­er said: “I nev­er thought that I would talk to the pres­i­dent about my future and the future of my career. This is real buzz. Macron told me: “I want you to stay in Paris. I don’t want you to go any­where now. You are very impor­tant to the coun­try,” Kil­ian shared details in the New York Times.