Erling Haa­land is close to becom­ing the Pre­mier League’s top scor­er for the sec­ond sea­son in a row. In the 2022/2023 sea­son, the Nor­we­gian broke sev­er­al records and scored one more goal than he played in the Eng­lish Cham­pi­onship (36 goals in 35 match­es). Online edi­tion “Euro-Futbol.Ru” ana­lyzes how long it will take for Haa­land to break the scor­ing record held by Alan Shear­er.

You’re chasing two hares

The list of the best scor­ers in the his­to­ry of the Pre­mier League is head­ed by Alan Shear­er, who scored his 260 Pre­mier League goals as a play­er for Black­burn and New­cas­tle. It was expect­ed that the “ever­last­ing” record could be sur­passed by Har­ry Kane, who was 47 goals shy of Shear­er’s result. But the Tot­ten­ham for­ward chose the “path of tro­phies,” which, with a high prob­a­bil­i­ty, will not be part of Bay­ern this sea­son. Los­ing the record and miss­ing out on tro­phies for anoth­er year will cer­tain­ly upset Kane.

Ser­gio Aguero had the least num­ber of min­utes among the top five scor­ers in the Eng­lish Cham­pi­onship, which was required to score a goal. In order to score each goal, he had to spend an aver­age of 108 min­utes of play­ing time. If not for health prob­lems, the Argen­tine would be quite capa­ble of over­tak­ing Shear­er in the sniper race.

From 7 to 10 years

Among cur­rent Pre­mier League play­ers, Mohamed Salah has the best scor­ing record in his­to­ry. The 31-year-old Egypt­ian is unlike­ly to score anoth­er 100 Pre­mier League goals, giv­en that he could end up in Sau­di Ara­bia this sum­mer.

Return­ing to the Pre­mier League, Jamie Vardy is 15th on the list of all-time lead­ing scor­ers in the Pre­mier League. Age will pre­vent the Leices­ter leader from com­pet­ing for high­er places.

There­fore, Erling Haa­land has every chance to top this list. The Nor­we­gian is already the best in terms of min­utes per goal. He is the only one whose fig­ure is less than one hun­dred min­utes and is equal to 83 min­utes per goal scored. Haa­land aver­ages 30 goals per sea­son. He is about 200 goals short of the record. In an ide­al sce­nario, i.e. main­tain­ing the same per­for­mance, the Nor­we­gian will be able to over­take Shear­er in sev­en years. Tak­ing into account injuries or oth­er rea­sons for a decrease in pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, but at least 20 goals per sea­son, Erling will need about 10 years. Thus, the Nor­we­gian will be able to become the top scor­er in the his­to­ry of the Pre­mier League in 12 sea­sons. It took Alan Shear­er 14 years. But all such sce­nar­ios for Erling Haa­land will only be true if he can play almost his entire career at Man­ches­ter City or oth­er Pre­mier League clubs.

Top scorers in Premier League history



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Erling Haa­land



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