Looks like things are seri­ous.

It’s a very event­ful day at Liv­er­pool. This morn­ing, insid­er Fab­rizio Romano announced that after Jur­gen Klopp, who will leave the club at the end of the sea­son, the Reds will be led by the Dutch­man Arne Slot. And towards the evening, Liv­er­pool seemed to have final­ly dropped out of the title race, hav­ing drawn with West Ham away (2:2).

Biog­ra­phy of Jur­gen Klopp: could have become a doc­tor and made Liv­er­pool great again

But even this was not the main top­ic of the day — with the cham­pi­onship race against the back­drop of Liverpool’s lat­est results, every­thing was clear, plus or minus. The scan­dal hap­pened else­where — it was pro­voked by Reds strik­er Mo Salah.

The Egypt­ian is not in the best shape — in two of the last three match­es, includ­ing the game with West Ham, he remained on the bench. He went to play against the Ham­mers in the 79th minute, but just before com­ing on as a sub­sti­tute he got into an alter­ca­tion with Klopp. For what exact rea­son and what the coach and play­er talked about is unknown, but Mohamed had to be reas­sured by Dar­win Nunez and Joe Gomez. Klopp approached Salah and said some­thing to him, and he began to answer some­thing in response, active­ly ges­tic­u­lat­ing.

Salah did noth­ing to help his team, and after the game in the mixed zone he rude­ly refused to com­ment on the inci­dent: “If I speak out today, there will be a fire.” Jur­gen Klopp was much more peace­ful: “We dis­cussed this point in the lock­er room with the guys, every­thing has been decid­ed. Does Mo think so?? Yes, I think so.”

This is not the first time Salah has clashed with Klopp. In 2021, Mohamed react­ed strong­ly to being sub­sti­tut­ed in the 62nd minute against Chelsea. In gen­er­al, the Egypt­ian and the Ger­man coach have been work­ing very pro­duc­tive­ly for the sev­enth year, but some­times such clash­es go into the media space. For Liv­er­pool, the cur­rent sto­ry is dou­bly unpleas­ant, since for sev­er­al months now there have been rumors that Salah almost left for Sau­di Ara­bia back in the win­ter and with a high degree of prob­a­bil­i­ty will do this this com­ing sum­mer.

Cur­rent­ly, Liv­er­pool is third in the Pre­mier League stand­ings, with 75 points after 35 rounds. Appar­ent­ly, Arse­nal and Man­ches­ter City will com­pete for the gold medals — Jur­gen Klop­p’s time in the Pre­mier League will end in three match­es.