Jean-Louis Gas­set won the Inter­to­to Cup with Mont­pel­li­er

On reply Europa League play­off match with Shakhtar Mar­seille will be led by a new head coach. For a 70 year old Jean-Louis Gas­set The game with the Min­ers will be the first at the helm of the Provençal team and only the 13th in his career in Euro­pean com­pe­ti­tion. At the same time, the spe­cial­ist fired from the Ivory Coast team right dur­ing the team’s tri­umphant African Cup 2023, won the Euro­pean tro­phy and 24.5 years ago could have crossed paths with Shakhtar.

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Mont­pel­li­er fin­ished the 1998/1998 French Cham­pi­onship in eighth place, with a Ligue 1 quo­ta of three teams in the UEFA Cup. True, it turned out fun­ny with them. One place deserved­ly went to Mona­co, which fin­ished fourth. One was tak­en by Nantes, which fin­ished the cham­pi­onship sev­enth and from which Mont­pel­li­er was five points behind, thanks to its vic­to­ry in the Nation­al Cup. Anoth­er spot went to Lance, who fin­ished sixth but won the League Cup. So it turned out that Rennes, who fin­ished in fifth place, end­ed up in the Inter­to­to Cup. Mont­pel­li­er and Gasse also went there.

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I must admit, it turned out well. The French team did not lose one match out of eight in the tour­na­ment, win­ning five match­es and fin­ish­ing in a draw in three match­es, even­tu­al­ly becom­ing the win­ner of the tour­na­ment along with Juven­tus and West Ham.

Mont­pel­li­er start­ed from the sec­ond round, where Karabakh sim­ply did not notice, giv­ing the Azer­bai­ja­nis nine “dry” goals – 3:0 away and 6:0 at home. In the third round, the oppo­nent was more seri­ous — Espany­ol, but this did not affect the results: Mont­pel­li­er won away — 2:0, and then at home — 2:1.

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Then Gasse had only Ger­man oppo­nents. Duis­burg was stronger in the semi-finals – 1:1 away and 3:0 at home. It was more dif­fi­cult with Ham­burg in the final. The first match in Mont­pel­li­er end­ed in a draw — 1:1, in the return the French were saved by Sorlen, who equal­ized the score in the 70th minute after Yeboah’s goal. Extra time passed with­out goals, and Mont­pel­li­er won the penal­ty shootout with a clean score of 3:0. Along with it — a tick­et to the UEFA Cup.

In the 1999/2000 Euro­pean Cup, Gasse could have crossed paths with Shakhtar. The min­ers, hav­ing tak­en sec­ond place in the cham­pi­onship, start­ed from the qual­i­fy­ing round, where Silex passed, Mont­pel­li­er imme­di­ate­ly found itself in the first.

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The Donet­sk team ulti­mate­ly failed to beat Roda (0:2 in the first match, 1:3 in the return), and Gasse’s team at this stage coped with Red Star: 1:0 away and 2:2 at home. But already at the next stage, Mont­pel­li­er end­ed the Euro­pean sea­son: Deporti­vo turned out to be too strong for the French. As a result – two defeats: 1:3 – away and 0:2 – at home. And two weeks after the return match with the Spaniards, Gasse was fired. It must be admit­ted that it was deserved: the defeat from Deporti­vo was the ninth for Mont­pel­li­er in a 13-match streak with­out a win.