Mudryk brought Jackson face-to-face with a wild pass — Nikolay passed the goalkeeper, but the defender took the ball out of the goal line

In the match of the 26th round nuclear sub­ma­rine “Chelsea” takes at home “Tot­ten­ham”. Mykhai­lo Mudryk entered the field from the first min­utes.

The Ukrain­ian already cre­at­ed a dan­ger­ous moment in the 5th minute, giv­ing a top pass to Nicholas Jack­son from the flank The for­ward of the “blues” passed the goal­keep­er, but Mick­ey van de Ven kicked the ball off the goal line.

Pho­to: screen­shots of the Setan­ta broad­cast

“He can real­ly put the Wise Man in reserve.” Chelsea fans have already found a free replace­ment for Mykhai­lo

They picked up the idea: the same shields as Mudryk’s are sold on the Inter­net. We know how much they cost