The Great Danes passed Shakhtar in the 2005/2006 sea­son

Feb­ru­ary 15 in Ham­burg in first match of the play­offs Europa League Shakhtar will play against Mar­seille. The Pit­men will play against the Mar­seille club for the third time in their his­to­ry – the Donet­sk team won the pre­vi­ous two match­es. And in gen­er­al Shakhtar has pos­i­tive sta­tis­tics match­es with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of France. Only PSG man­aged to win both match­es against the Min­ers; besides the Parisians, only Lille man­aged to win in a two-game con­fronta­tion. On the eve of the match Shakhtar – Mar­seille Let’s remem­ber Shakhtar’s con­fronta­tions with French clubs.

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Seven opponents, three tournaments

In total, sev­en clubs from France became Shakhtar’s rivals over the years. The Min­ers met with them in three tour­na­ments — the UEFA Cup, the Europa League and the Cham­pi­ons League. Dur­ing the first, Donet­sk’s oppo­nents were Rennes, Lille, Nan­cy and Mar­seille. As part of the sec­ond, Shakhtar met with Toulouse and the same Rennes. In the Cham­pi­ons League, the Min­ers faced PSG and Lyon.

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In total, Shakhtar played 15 match­es with French teams. Sev­en — won, four — end­ed in a draw, the same num­ber — lost. The goal dif­fer­ence is 21:16.

All Shakhtar’s match­es with clubs from France
Sea­son Tour­na­ment Rival Match­es Wins/Draws/Losses Goal dif­fer­ence
2005/2006 UEFA Cup Rennes 1 1–0‑0 1:0
2005/2006 UEFA Cup Lille 2 0–1‑1 2:3
2006/2007 UEFA Cup Nan­cy 2 1–1‑0 2:1
2008/2009 UEFA Cup Mar­seilles 2 2–0‑0 4:1
2009/2010 Europa League Toulouse 2 2–0‑0 6:0
2015/2016 Cham­pi­ons League PSG 2 0–0‑2 0:5
2018/2019 Cham­pi­ons League Lyon 2 0–2‑0 3:3
2022/2023 Europa League Rennes 2 1–0‑1 3:3
Total 7 15 7–4‑4 21:16

18 years between matches

For the first time, Shakhtar met with an oppo­nent from France in the group tour­na­ment of the UEFA Cup of the 2005/2006 sea­son. At this stage of the tour­na­ment, which con­sist­ed of one round, the Min­ers played away against Rennes, achiev­ing a min­i­mal vic­to­ry.

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Inter­est­ing­ly, 17 years lat­er, fate brought Shakhtar and Rennes togeth­er again, already at the Europa League play­off stage. The min­ers won the nom­i­nal home match in Poland — 2:1, and lost away by the same score in extra time, and then won in a penal­ty shootout.

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It’s inter­est­ing that there are exact­ly 6,650 days between Shakhtar’s first match with the French club and today’s match with Mar­seille.

Dangerous Dogs

The defeat from Rennes was only the fourth for Shakhtar in 15 match­es with French clubs. More­over, only PSG man­aged to win two match­es against the Min­ers in one stage of one tour­na­ment. The Parisians in the Cham­pi­ons League group of the 2015/2016 sea­son “dry” beat Shakhtar away (3:0), and then at home (2:0).

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Before the meet­ings with PSG, Shakhtar had only one defeat in nine match­es with French clubs. Lille dealt it to the Min­ers in the 2005/2006 sea­son in the 1/16 finals of the UEFA Cup. Then Shakhtar almost saved itself in France with a 0:3 deficit — Bran­dao and Mari­ka scored in the 89th and 91st min­utes, but failed to over­come the one-goal deficit in Donet­sk (0:0 draw).