Man­ches­ter City, Arse­nal and Liv­er­pool are fight­ing for the gold medals.

The race for the Pre­mier League title has reached the home stretch. Three clubs are still keep­ing fans in sus­pense — it is not yet clear who will take the gold.

The favorite is already famil­iar — Man­ches­ter City. Pep Guardi­o­la’s side are one point behind Arse­nal but have one game in hand. Liv­er­pool have almost lost their chances of win­ning first place, but they still have them. At least until the next round.

There are a lit­tle more than two weeks until the end of the cham­pi­onship: how will it all end?

Klopp will be replaced at Liv­er­pool by a Dutch­man who has not worked in the top leagues. What to expect from the Slot — fail­ure or sen­sa­tion?

Looks like there won’t be Klopp’s last dance

The Merseysiders have won only one vic­to­ry in their last five Pre­mier League match­es — over Ful­ham (3:1). But Liv­er­pool became an out­sider in the cham­pi­onship race not only because of the loss of impor­tant points, but also because of the uncer­tain play and the tense atmos­phere with­in the team.

Dar­win Nunez, in his typ­i­cal man­ner, wastes moment after moment, Mohamed Salah, instead of lead­ing the team, pub­licly quar­rels with Jur­gen Klopp.

Last April was a real dis­as­ter for Liv­er­pool. The fight for the Pre­mier League title is almost over, and the Reds have dropped out of all oth­er tour­na­ments. This was not the kind of farewell to the Ger­man coach fans were hop­ing for.

Arse­nal play­ers are at the top of the stand­ings.
Pho­to by Reuters

City and Arsenal are in sixth gear

Guardi­o­la’s team is for­mal­ly one point behind the Lon­don­ers, but has a match in hand. The exit from the 1/4 finals of the Cham­pi­ons League did not damp­en the team moral­ly, and City gained momen­tum: three wins in the last three meet­ings (one of them over Chelsea — 1:0 in the FA Cup).

Arse­nal, hav­ing received two pow­er­ful upper­cuts (from Bay­ern in the Cham­pi­ons League — 0:1 and Aston Vil­la in the Pre­mier League — 0:2), pulled them­selves togeth­er and did not fall into the ring. Mikel Arte­ta’s team has three wins in a row, and two of them are in Lon­don der­bies, over Chelsea (5:0) and Tot­ten­ham (3:2). It looks like we’re in for a fiery show­down between stu­dent and teacher before the final round!

What’s with the calendar?

The cur­rent stand­ings of the top three are as fol­lows.

In May, Guardi­o­la’s team will play one more game against its com­peti­tors — four against three.

Obvi­ous­ly, City has the sim­plest cal­en­dar — just one top match against Tot­ten­ham away. Wolver­hamp­ton and Ful­ham are in the mid­dle of the table and no longer have any ambi­tions, so they are unlike­ly to give a fight. Can West Ham resist? Unlike­ly.

Arse­nal also have one tru­ly seri­ous rival — Man­ches­ter Unit­ed. What­ev­er the state of Erik ten Hag’s team, it is always dif­fi­cult for the Lon­don­ers to play at Old Traf­ford. There should­n’t be any prob­lems against Bournemouth and Ever­ton, which have secured their place in the Pre­mier League.

Arse­nal came up with prob­lems out of the blue in the der­by with Tot­ten­ham. But remained in the race for the title

As for Liv­er­pool, after the match against Tot­ten­ham their fight for gold medals may end, and then the meet­ing with Aston Vil­la will become a for­mal­i­ty.

So far, Man­ches­ter City looks like the main favorite in the race for first place, but there is a feel­ing that the teams will give us many more intense emo­tions. We look for­ward to the out­come!