He announced the deci­sion open­ly.

Xabi Alon­so is per­haps the most pro­gres­sive coach in recent years. All foot­ball fans are talk­ing about his invin­ci­ble Bay­er this sea­son. And they say absolute­ly deserved­ly.

The Span­ish spe­cial­ist is being hunt­ed by many giants, includ­ing Real Madrid, Bay­ern Munich and Liv­er­pool (the clubs he played for), but he will remain in Lev­erkusen for at least anoth­er year. Bay­er fans can rest easy as long as their team is in good hands.

“My work is not finished yet”

Alon­so announced his deci­sion to stay at a press con­fer­ence ahead of Sat­ur­day’s match against Hof­fen­heim.

Bay­er Xabi Alon­so is one of the most inter­est­ing Euro­pean projects. A great play­er turns into a very cool coach

“Last week I spoke with Simon Rolfes and Fer­nan­do Car­ro (direc­tors of Bay­er — SE note). I told them that I would con­tin­ue to work in this club. I feel this is the right place for me as a young coach. My work at Bay­er is not fin­ished yet. I intend to do every­thing to ensure that the club wins and the play­ers devel­op. We are hav­ing a great sea­son, but we want to set high goals fur­ther. We want to pre­serve the core and think about the future.”

Accord­ing to insid­er Fab­rizio Romano, the Span­ish spe­cial­ist will work at the Ger­man club at least until June 2025, from which point the com­pen­sa­tion clause in his con­tract will come into force. Alon­so’s agree­ment with Bay­er is valid until 2026. Accord­ing to his infor­ma­tion, Xabi is try­ing to per­suade the team’s main star, Flo­ri­an Wirtz, to stay for anoth­er sea­son.

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This is not the first time Alonso has turned down a promotion.

In the spring of 2021, the Basque was one step away from lead­ing Borus­sia Mönchenglad­bach. His move to Ger­many was prac­ti­cal­ly a done deal; all that remained was to set­tle the for­mal­i­ties. As a result, Alon­so refused and remained in the sec­ond team of Real Sociedad. Togeth­er with her, he rose to the Span­ish sec­ond divi­sion.

Alon­so or Nagels­mann in Liv­er­pool, Zen­it did not give up on Tiknizyan, Alber­to in the Pre­mier League

In gen­er­al, his coach­ing career fol­lows a sur­pris­ing­ly ide­al, even cin­e­mat­ic, sce­nario. He start­ed with the Real Madrid youth team, then worked at Sociedad and only then left for pro­mo­tion to Lev­erkusen. Smooth, pro­gres­sive move­ments, and suc­cess every­where.

So Alonso’s deci­sion to stay at Bay­er should not sur­prise any­one. He sticks to his line again. Xabi wants to make some noise with Lev­erkusen in the Cham­pi­ons League and then pos­si­bly replace Car­lo Ancelot­ti at Real Madrid. Madrid will def­i­nite­ly be hap­py with this deci­sion.

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What should Liverpool and Bayern do?

Until the end, Alon­so remained a pri­or­i­ty option for both clubs, which will part ways with their head coach­es at the end of the sea­son. Now they will have to be espe­cial­ly active in the mar­ket.

As for Liv­er­pool, there are cur­rent­ly three can­di­dates on the short­list to replace Jur­gen Klopp: Rober­to De Zer­bi (Brighton), Ruben Amor­im (Sport­ing) and Julian Nagels­mann (Ger­man nation­al team).

Accord­ing to media reports, De Zer­bi is clos­est to the chair that will become vacant in the sum­mer. The Ital­ian recent­ly admit­ted that he sym­pa­thizes with Klopp: “I have great respect for him. He is a sig­nif­i­cant per­son and an excep­tion­al coach. I’m sad that Klopp is leav­ing the Pre­mier League. For coach­es of my gen­er­a­tion, he and Guardi­o­la are the most influ­en­tial spe­cial­ists.”

“Gal­it­sky imple­ment­ed Xabi Alonso’s method­ol­o­gy at Bay­er at Krasnodar 10 years ago.” Inter­view with the direc­tor of the Red Star Acad­e­my

There has been talk about Thomas Tuchel’s suc­ces­sor at Bay­ern for sev­er­al months now. Whomev­er they named: Anto­nio Con­te, Zine­dine Zidane, Julian Nagels­mann and even Jose Mour­in­ho. Accord­ing to Kick­er, the main tar­get at the moment is Ralf Rang­nick. The for­mer head of sports and devel­op­ment at Loko­mo­tiv is on excel­lent terms with Bay­ern sport­ing direc­tor Max Eberl. Now the Aus­tri­an is prepar­ing for Euro 2024 with the Aus­tri­an nation­al team, but in the future he dreams of work­ing in Munich.

One thing is clear for now, Alonso’s deci­sion seri­ous­ly ruined the plans of the Bay­ern and Liv­er­pool boss­es. Real Madrid have Ancelot­ti, who recent­ly re-signed, and they don’t have much time to decide on their next coach: Tuchel and Klopp will leave in the sum­mer. Inter­est­ing changes await us. But Xavi will also leave Barcelona.

Xabi Alon­so at Bay­er next sea­son is also an intrigue. We will find out whether the team’s cur­rent suc­cess is a one-time thing or whether the Spaniard is real­ly that great.

Ger­many. Bun­desli­ga 1. 27th round

March 30, 17:30. BayAre­na (Lev­erkusen)