The main events of Sat­ur­day in Euro­pean foot­ball.

England: Tottenham swing

Eng­land. Cup. 1/4 finals

March 16, 20:30. Eti­had Sta­di­um (Man­ches­ter)

Man­ches­ter city


New­cas­tle Unit­ed

In Eng­land this time the cup tour­na­ment was in the fore­ground, but there was no seri­ous fight in one of the most antic­i­pat­ed quar­ter-finals. Not only is Man­ches­ter City objec­tive­ly stronger than New­cas­tle, but luck was also on the side of Pep Guardiola’s team. Bernar­do Sil­va’s shot ric­o­chets off the defend­er’s leg, and the ball flies in a steep arc behind the dis­cour­aged Dubrav­ka. Anoth­er attack by the Por­tuguese, which did not promise any prob­lems for the goal­keep­er, but as inop­por­tune­ly, Bot­man, who was in the path of the strike, decid­ed to sub­sti­tute his head.

So the Mag­pies received two goals into their own goal, but did not score against some­one else’s, as Orte­ga made a phe­nom­e­nal save after Isak’s shot from the cen­ter of the penal­ty area. With a dou­ble advan­tage in the first half, City car­ried out the mat­ter with class to a land­slide vic­to­ry and became the first Eng­lish team to reach the cup semi-finals for the sixth time in a row. It is worth recall­ing that the “towns­peo­ple” are the cur­rent hold­ers of the sec­ond most impor­tant Eng­lish tro­phy.

Eng­land. Pre­mier League. 29th round

March 16, 20:30. Craven Cot­tage (Lon­don)



Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur

As for the cham­pi­onship, the Lon­don Der­by at the rare Craven Cot­tage stood apart. Before the break, Tot­ten­ham seemed to attack a lit­tle more and cre­ate enough chances, but the Sum­mer Res­i­dents reg­u­lar­ly and quite sharply snapped back. As a result, short­ly before the break, in a quick attack, Robin­son cut a cool pass from the left to Rodri­go Muniz who shot into the cor­ner. And at the begin­ning of the sec­ond half, Castagne, who was car­ry­ing out a cross, rather hit the leg of Lukic, who was run­ning to close up.

A log­i­cal ques­tion: is this exact­ly the same Tot­ten­ham that a week ago destroyed direct rival Aston Vil­la with four unan­swered goals? That same Sat­ur­day, Ange­los Postecoglou’s team seemed to be replaced. If it weren’t for the off­side flag, which led to the can­cel­la­tion of anoth­er goal for the hosts, as well as sev­er­al saves by Vic­ario, the num­bers 4:0 could have end­ed up in the score­sheet for today’s game. For the guests, the ball did not go into the goal even from killer posi­tions, which put an end to a series of 39 Pre­mier League match­es with goals scored. Tot­ten­ham are still fifth and two points behind Aston Vil­la with an equal num­ber of match­es.

Spain: “plus 10” in Madrid

Spain. La Liga. 29th round

March 16, 18:15. El Sadar (Pam­plona)




In Spain, pas­sions raged again around new racial insults against Vini­cius Junior. This hap­pened before the Cham­pi­ons League match­es, and fans of Barcelona and Atléti­co Madrid scored with a minus sign. Then there was a con­tin­u­a­tion on social net­works, after which the Brazil­ian demand­ed a reac­tion from UEFA. In addi­tion, both Real Madrid and La Liga filed com­plaints to the pros­e­cu­tor’s office. And state­ments in sup­port of the foot­ball play­er were released by the Pres­i­dent of Brazil and the local foot­ball fed­er­a­tion.

There real­ly is a prob­lem, but there is also a flip side to the coin. It’s about incon­ti­nence Vini­cius and his provoca­tive behav­ior on the field. There­fore, when he robbed Cate­na in the debut of Sat­ur­day’s game and opened the scor­ing, there was a deaf­en­ing whis­tle from the stands. But this is still not an insult. The game was going very vig­or­ous­ly. Budimir recov­ered his bal­ance after a cor­ner kick, then anoth­er chance from Vini­cius was neu­tral­ized by the goal­keep­er. How­ev­er, Car­va­jal left no chance for the goal­keep­er to deliv­er a spec­tac­u­lar shot from the cen­ter of the penal­ty area.

The Pam­plo­nans did not give up and strained Lunin, but a shock seg­ment dur­ing the sec­ond half buried the intrigue in three min­utes. With the assis­tance of Valverde, who scored an assist hat-trick, Brahim Diaz knocked down the hosts, and Vini­cius knocked him out with his break­through and a neat shot from an acute angle. It is sig­nif­i­cant that the for­ward again cel­e­brat­ed his suc­cess by point­ing to the Real Madrid emblem. Denied rumors that he was unhap­py with the lev­el of sup­port from the club after the abuse? The Brazil­ian also put his hand to his ear, which Osasuna fans real­ly didn’t like. Yes, then Vini repeat­ed the same ges­ture — clear­ly address­ing it to the guest sec­tor, but this will not can­cel the talk about provo­ca­tions on his part.

As for the end­ing, we saw the ges­ture of the match and the moment of the match. The sec­ond point was Arda Guler hit­ting the cross­bar while try­ing to score from the cen­ter of the field. Well, the first is the father­ly embrace of Car­lo Ancelot­ti, which Vini­cius fell into after his replace­ment. The usu­al­ly stingy coach con­sis­tent­ly sup­ports his star in these scan­dals, and on the eve of the game the Ital­ian also spoke about the prob­lem of racism. As for the sport­ing results, after Girona’s defeat to Getafe (0:1), Madrid increased its lead from sec­ond place to ten points.

Germany: one step away from Klinsmann’s record

Ger­many. Bun­desli­ga 1. 26th round

March 16, 17:30. Mer­ck-Sta­dion am Bol­len­fall­tor (Darm­stadt)




Bay­ern had to fight back in Darm­stadt, and the man who turned the game around was once again Kane. To begin with, Har­ry helped Musiala equal­ize. Then he famous­ly scored a falling head­er in an episode where Kim­mich played superbly. Hav­ing twist­ed the defend­ers’ heads with feints, he did not allow the ball to leave the field and exe­cut­ed an effec­tive serve. Yes, almost imme­di­ate­ly the hosts almost got even, and the Munich team was saved by the cross­bar, but then every­thing went accord­ing to Thomas Tuchel’s sce­nario. Anoth­er goal from Musiala. Then he passed to Gnabry, who had been under­go­ing treat­ment for a long time, and now scored in the sec­ond round in a row. The fly in the oint­ment of vic­to­ry is the forced replace­ment of Kane, who received an unfor­tu­nate injury. At the same time, he left the field with a new record, since no one scored 31 goals in their first sea­son in the Bun­desli­ga.

Ger­many. Bun­desli­ga 1. 26th round

March 16, 20:30. PreZe­ro Are­na (Sin­sheim)




As con­fi­dent­ly as Bay­er and Bay­ern occu­py the first two places, Stuttgart feels just as com­fort­able in third place. More­over, Guiras­si returned in per­fect order from the African Cup and recov­ered from his injury. Away at Hof­fen­heim, the Swabi­an sniper played a cru­cial role in the first scor­ing attack with a beau­ti­ful feint, after which Undave brought in Mil­lau to strike. And before leav­ing for the break, Guiras­si famous­ly opened up in the penal­ty area for a pen­e­trat­ing pass. The Guinean was again assist­ed by Undav, togeth­er with whom they scored 36 goals in this cham­pi­onship. This is a repeat of the achieve­ment of the Elber-Bobic tan­dem, and there is only one accu­rate shot left before the club record of Jur­gen Klins­mann and Karl All­gew­er.

Sta­tis­tics of the day
Coven­try reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup once in their his­to­ry. The last time this hap­pened was in the vic­to­ri­ous 1986/87 tour­na­ment.
7 Once in the last eight sea­sons of Serie A, Tori­no for­ward Zap­a­ta showed dou­ble-dig­it per­for­mance. Only Lazio strik­er Immo­bile man­aged this.
10 Jocelin Gour­ven­nec suf­fered defeats in his first 15 match­es as head coach of Nantes. No coach has reached this mark so quick­ly.
14 Tori­no had not had a clean sheet in the 29th round of the Ital­ian cham­pi­onship since the 1991/92 sea­son.
23 Augs­burg scored a point in match­es where they were infe­ri­or. Anoth­er six points, and it will be pos­si­ble to repeat Bay­er’s record in the 1999/00 sea­son (29 strong-willed points).